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These Revolutionary Crochet Kits Are Made For ABSOLUTE Beginners. They Make It SO Easy, You CAN’T Fail!

May 11, 2022

I tried to crochet for the first time 7 years ago.

After stumbling upon a YouTube video of a woman making all sorts of cute things with just a single needle and some yarn…

I decided this would be a great fun & creative hobby for me!

And certainly much better than something like photography, scuba diving, or anything too expensive & dangerous that requires me to leave the comfort of my couch and blanket. 😉

After buying all my materials—a few different sizes of needles and 5 different colors of yarn, which was SO MUCH yarn!…

I sat down on a Saturday afternoon in front of my computer and pulled up the YouTube videos.

Honestly, it wasn’t even a half-hour later that I was so frustrated, I had to walk away.

My needle kept going THROUGH the yarn, which made it look loose and ragged.

In the video, she kept SAYING she would go slow with her hands so I could follow along… but it was still WAY too fast.

And the camera angles made it so that I couldn’t really see up close WHAT she was doing with her fingers, the needle, and the yarn.

This project that was supposed to be fun, WASN’T fun at all. It just seemed wayyyyyy too hard!

Over the years, I would pick up my crochet needle again to see if THIS TIME would be different.

But I kept missing a step, messing it up, starting over, getting overwhelmed, and ultimately… I gave up every time.

That is until my girlfriend, Sarah, came over one day to have a girl’s night in with bad reality TV and some vino…

She saw my failed attempt and asked, “What’s this? Are you crocheting?!”

I responded with a bit of embarrassment. “Well… I’ve TRIED to crochet. But I could never figure out how to make anything that actually LOOKED GOOD…

“It always ends up looking like a child’s elementary school art project.”

That’s when she shared something SO EXCITING with me!

“Girl, same. But then I found this starter kit that made the whole thing fun and easy for me!”

Sarah pulled out her phone to show me pictures of these cute little plush animals she had recently crocheted.

Apparently, these crochet kits are made for absolute beginners – they make it so easy, you can’t fail!

They’re Called The Woobles, And They Come With EVERYTHING YOU NEED To Make An ADORABLE Little “Amigurumi“ Style Animal.

(Which, I learned, is the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed yarn creatures. It’s really popular over there… and I can see why. They’re so cute!)

Not ONLY do The Woobles kits come with the exact amount of yarn you need for your project, but the yarn is custom made for beginners.

It’s called Easy Peasy yarn and it’s soooo much easier to crochet with. It’s made from 75% cotton and 25% nylon, which makes it much easier to see where to put your hook while preventing the hook from getting stuck between yarn fibers.

They even PRE-START the crochet piece for you in a specific way so it’s impossible to “unravel.” Meaning…

With The Woobles, You NEVER Have To Worry About Starting Over From Scratch!

On TOP of that, these kits come with step-by-step video tutorials that were ACTUALLY created for absolute beginners.

These tutorial videos show you EXACTLY what to do with each finger, the placement of the needle, and the direction of the yarn… it’s super intuitive!

There’s one version for right-handed people AND another for lefties (your The Woobles kit gives you access to both). And the videos are slow enough to follow along, but still fast enough to make it fun and interesting.

4 Reasons Why You Can’t Fail With The Woobles:

It made TOTAL SENSE that these kits are truly fail-proof when I learned that they were created by an ex-Google User Experience Manager.

A woman whose JOB it was to make things easy & enjoyable for people!

Since The Woobles Costs Less Than A Single Night Out With Friends, I Decided To Give One A Try. Here’s How It Went…

First I glanced through all the different project options and picked which one I wanted to start with.

(They’re all SO charming—it was hard to pick just one!)

When my package arrived, I opened it up excited to see everything inside.

Next, I put on my favorite sweater, snuggled into the couch, and laid two blankets on top of my lap.

I was READY for a fun night in—POSITIVE that this would be way more enjoyable than my previous crocheting experiences.

(By the way, I cannot even tell you how helpful it was to have the project pre-started with stitch markers from the get-go. Starting has always been the hardest part for me!)

My iPad was on the coffee table in front of me with step-by-step video instructions from The Woobles.

So I simply followed along until Sir Beakington (my penguin) was complete!

It took me about 14 hours to complete. And I am SO PROUD of how it turned out!

Most Importantly, I Felt Really ACCOMPLISHED By The End.

I actually learned a skill that I had struggled with many, many times before.

And best of all? It actually looks super professional. (Like something I would pay money for at a store!)

I’m leaving my little crochet penguin out in my living room for all my friends and family to see the next time they come over…

…and I can’t wait to make another one soon!

Learn How to Crochet The Fun & Easy Way—Finally!

If you’re looking for something to do at night or on a lazy Sunday afternoon that’s relaxing, rewarding, and entertaining too…

(And maybe help calm anxiety and boredom, like it did for me…)

PLUS get a lovely little animal friend for yourself at the end, you have to give The Woobles a try!

Most importantly, I’m finally confident about my crocheting, and I’ve started taking on more complicated projects. I’m a bonafide crocheter at last!

So, take it from me—if you’ve always wanted to crochet but struggled to complete something, I just know you’re going to love The Woobles!


3 MONTH UPDATE: It’s Official. “Woobling” Is My New Favorite Hobby.

Now that it’s been a few months and I’ve tried SEVERAL different The Woobles projects at this point…

… I wanted to come back with an update on why I’m still going STRONG with my love for crocheting (and especially The Woobles).

  • They make me feel so accomplished! Okay. I know this might be strange to say again. I understand I’m not winning Nobel Prizes or going on a SpaceX flight, but I really do LOVE that feeling of actually FINISHING a project successfully.
  • Cheaper than a night out. And I can stay in comfy pants! I even started inviting my girlfriends over to my house for “Crochet Night” where we all work on our own The Woobles over deep conversations, occasional gossip, and belly laughs.
  • They make great gifts! The Woobles might have actually SAVED me money because I often end up giving away the finished project as a gift. They’re great for baby showers, kid’s birthdays, or a “just thinking of you” present. Gifts that I would have spent MORE money on if I bought something pre-made.
  • Keeping my hands busy at night even helped me lose a few pounds. Crocheting has really cut back on my nighttime snacking!
  • Such a stress-reliever. When my workday gets stressful, I know that I have a creative outlet waiting for me at home. It helps me with my anxiety—which is a HUGE bonus!

Simply put, I’m a Woobler now. Without these fail-proof kits, I KNOW I would have NEVER figured out how to crochet. I’m just so grateful I gave them a try!

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UPDATE: Right Now The Woobles Is Offering Special Discounts!

I noticed The Woobles website is running a special right now, so I wanted to come back and update this article so you don’t miss it!

Right now, you can get a FREE Wooble kit when you buy 2—PLUS FREE SHIPPING!

And if you buy 3 The Woobles, you get 2 FREE with FREE SHIPPING (Great for gifts!)

I don’t know how long the discount will last, but it seems like now is the perfect time to try your first The Woobles project. I know I’m gonna grab a couple more!

You can grab yours at the link below.
Have fun!


Here’s What People Are Saying About The Woobles…


The perfect kit

I’ve been learning how to knit and wanted to pick up some crochet, and found the perfect kit for that here! It was so soothing to work on such a cute project with all necessary items included during such a stressful time when we can’t just go to the store if we’re missing something. The instructions were clear (though there were a few parts where I relied on the accompanying photographs instead of the text) and the creator is very friendly and eager to help if you’re confused. Highly recommend and tbh I’ll probably buy the pea kit from the Woobles after I finish another project I’m doing next!

A real confidence booster

I have never crocheted anything in my life but really wanted to give it a try. This kit was perfect. The instructions were easy to follow, and I was so proud of the final results! I can’t wait to dive into another kit.
Melanie S.

Can’t believe I made this!

I am a knitter and have been trying to learn to crochet. I’ve watched YouTube tutorials but have never been able to get something started. I bought this kit and was pleasantly surprised to see the penguin was started already, so I could focus on learning the basic stitch and where to put my hook before trying the “magic loop” myself for his belly. This was so enjoyable and I can’t believe I made such a cute little penguin. Have ordered the bunny and fox to keep practicing and to make him some friends.

Amazing for a first time project!

I really really enjoyed this kit. I had never crocheted before but was looking for a new hobby and was always interested in learning! I fell victim to a Facebook Ad but honestly it was one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while. The Woobles kit couldn’t have made it easier. The instructions were very clear and it walked you through every step incredibly well. The actual yarn itself was great also. It didn’t fray and it was very easy to see the stitches you made. I already bought my next kit! If you are thinking about buying it, just do it!!