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I Was Skeptical At First… But This "Wine Wand" Actually Helps Hangovers, Wine Flush, And Other Nasty Side Effects!

March 13, 2024

Trust me. I drink wine for a living!

And as a sommelier, you’d think that the number one question I’d hear from wine lovers would be… “What’s the best wine you’ve ever tasted?”

Or, “Do you have any recommendations for delicious wines that will impress my date but not cost a fortune?”

Surprisingly, it’s neither.

Instead, it’s this…

Within seconds of meeting, a wine enthusiast will lean in a bit closer to me,
and in the slightest of whispers, ask:

“Hey—I really love wine. And all my friends do too. But you got any tips on how to not feel terrible the next day?

It seems like every time I drink wine, my face gets flushed and I have a splitting headache the whole next morning.

You drink for a living, so you must have something I could try! Right?”

Over the years, I kept getting this same sort of question over and over again. And I’d always apologize because I had no advice for them. Until…

I Was Given A Sample Purifier At A Wine Expo—And When They Said It PREVENTS Wine Headaches, I Knew I Needed To Test It Out!

On top of that, they claimed it would ENHANCE the flavor of whatever wine I’m drinking.

My response: “I’ll be the judge of that”
(Said with a skeptical grin on my face.)

But then it started to actually make sense.

You see, vintners—the people who make your wine—work hard to create a certain flavor, aroma, bouquet, and body for you to enjoy.

And then, at the end of the wine-making process, they add sulfites and histamines to make the wine safe to drink after shipping & storage.

Unfortunately, these additives are what give 75% of wine drinkers those allergy-like symptoms that make you feel like you got hit by a truck the next day.

(Headaches, stuffy nose, face flush, upset stomach…But I don’t have to tell you. I’m sure you already know!)

AND they affect the flavor your vintner spent years to perfect.

But this little sample accessory that I was about to test—it’s called The Wand™ Wine Purifier…

Actually ABSORBS over 95% of the histamines & sulfites from your wine, and then keeps them trapped inside of purification beads so they don’t leak back into your drink.

This does two things:

  1. Allows you to drink your favorite wines and still feel GREAT the next day!
  2. Returns the flavor of the wine in your glass BACK to what the vintner originally intended!

So I took a sip of the wine that had been purified by The Wand at the tradeshow… and I was surprisingly impressed!

As a professional sommelier, I wouldn’t put my stamp of approval on ANY product or accessory that negatively affects the taste of wine. So I had to buy a pack of them to conduct my own little at-home test.

After Testing The Wand™ Wine Purifier On Over THIRTY Different Glasses Of Wine… I’m Convinced. (This Thing WORKS!)

Whether it was a fruit-forward Sauvignon Blanc from California…

A rustic full-bodied Cabernet from the Barossa Valley in Adelaide, Australia…

Or a big, complex, & deliciously dry Pierre Brut Nature Mauzac (sparkling wine) from the South of France…

Whether the wine retails for $8 or $100 a bottle…

My little informal kitchen lab test has me convinced that The Wand™ Wine Purifier REALLY DID enhance the flavor of each glass I drank.

AND they were so EASY to use, too.

Just remove the wrapping, place The Wand™ into your glass, and leave it there while you enjoy your favorite vino. Finito!

And they’re small enough to keep in your purse or pocket for when you want to enjoy some delicious wine during a night out on the town.

I even found that The Wand could bring a bottle of wine back to life after it’s been open for a few days. (And save lots of money for those who find themselves throwing out old wine from time to time!)

BUT… I still wanted to make sure that it also PREVENTS the headaches that wine drinkers keep asking me about.

So I reached out to the company that makes The Wand™ and asked them if they could PROVE what they claim.

The proof they presented to me left me beyond impressed! It turns out The Wand™ is backed by independent product testing at ETS Labs in St. Helena, Ca.

I’ve toured that lab multiple times, and I can assure you—they do things right! In fact, it’s one of the LEADING global wine-testing facilities.

The lab confirmed that on average, The Wand™ removes over 95% of sulfites and histamines from any glass of wine you use it with.

(That’s the stuff that causes your wine hangovers!)

Which means, The Wand™ isn’t only for wine snobs (like me). It’s for everyone… with LOTS of customer testimonials to prove it: Over 5,500 reviews averaging 4.5 / 5 stars and 8 MILLION sold!


Verified Customer Review from Amanda1


Verified Customer Review from Flyfishpapa2


Verified Customer Review from Mike3


Verified Customer Review from Darrell4
Plus, as a professional sommelier, The Wand™ has my stamp of approval too!

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Bottom Line: Every Glass of Wine—Whether It’s $8 or $80—Could Use The Wand™ Wine Purifier To Save You from The Morning-Ruining Side Effects Caused By Sulfites & Histamines…

… and bring It BACK to Its Originally Intended Flavor, too!

Think about it like this: When you buy a pack of Wand™s together, they end up being about $2.50 each.

Now, when you have a splitting headache, a stuffy nose, and you’re stuck in bed with the lights off the next morning…

Would you pay $2.50 to feel like yourself again?

Of course, you would!

UPDATE: Here’s How to Get the Best Price on The Wand™ Wine Purifier…

If you’re interested in trying out The Wand™ purifier for yourself, now is a GREAT time. And with over 8 million sold, you can feel confident they will work!

And as I’m writing this, the creators of The Wand™ are offering a limited-time-only special—buy two packs, get one free, PLUS free shipping!

If you use one and decide you don’t like them, simply send the rest back for a full refund. (Which means you’re safe and protected when you try it out today.)

I don’t know how long this offer will last, so definitely give The Wand™ a try now!

No More Migraine, I Can Enjoy Wine Again!
"Works great ! Does what it’s supposed to. I can enjoy wine again without the migraine. The taste is so much more improved with the wand. Will buy again. Thanks”
Makes Wine Taste Better, No Side Effects!
"I've always wondered how so many people drink wine. Wine--red and white--always made me feel terrible with a bad headache and trouble sleeping. After using the wand, I experience no side effects whatsoever from one glass of wine. I feel like it even improves the flavor of the wine.”
Miracle Product!
“I was skeptical while purchasing these but OH MY GOSH WHAT A GAME CHANGER! I normally flush terribly with wine and even sometimes can get a runny nose. I was completely fine and skipped the next day headache. These little guys are amazing.”
It's A Conversation Starter!
"I didn’t really think it would perform like it did. AMAZING! I have rosacea so wines aggravates the condition. Not any more! Absolutely no face flushing. No more groggy headaches either. For those singles in bars, it’s a conversation starter. Just saying....”