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Easily Navigate WITHOUT Taking Your Eyes Off The Road!

May 13, 2020

Advanced navigation-display makes the roads safer than ever before – driving will never be the same!

Ever glance at your phone while driving? Checking to make sure you don’t miss your next turn? Looking to see how much farther you have? It’s ok, don’t feel bad. We’ve all done it (even though we all know it’s unsafe).

But, what if…

You could check your map without ever taking your eyes off the road? Or see your GPS locationyour next street exit, or traffic conditions miles ahead…ALL while still focusing on the road in front of you?

Just imagine NEVER having to take your eyes off the road while still being able to check your phone.

Imagine no more!


VIZR, the revolutionary new heads-up display (HUD) device! VIZR turns your smartphone into a convenient display that lets you navigate and drive WHILE you keep your eyes on the road in front of you!

See How VIZR Instantly Makes Driving Safer…

Focusing on the road ahead while driving can be difficult enough as it is. When you consider reckless drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, crazy kids in the back seat, unexpected construction zones, and more, driving is just downright dangerous.

But throw a distracted driver in the mix and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Distracted drivers in 2015 alone…

KILLED 3,477 people & INJURED more than 391,000 other people!

And all because they took their eyes of the road for a split second or two!

But with VIZR on your dash, shuttling you and your family all over town or across the country is safer and more efficient than it’s ever been!

Adding VIZR to your car is one of the smartest, most meaningful ways you can protect you and your loved ones!

“Driving with HUD allows you to focus on the road ahead, prepare for any sudden maneuvers, and follow GPS directions, all without taking your eyes off the road.” – Popular Mechanics

How does it work?

Using VIZR couldn’t be easier! If you can use a phone, you can use VIZR!

Step 1 – Simply place VIZR on your dash.

Step 2 – Download the FREE app.

Step 3 – Enjoy safe, hands-free navigation!

Not only is VIZR the easiest to use heads-up display on the market, but it’s simply the most affordable way to quickly add a level of protection for you and your family that no other device can!

✔️ Hassle-free setup right out of the box – no installation, setup takes just seconds!

✔️ Use VIZR in any car or truck and fits any size phone!

✔️ Works day or night – rain or shine!

✔️ Works with any App that has HUD mode – the navigation features are limitless!

✔️ And MANY other great features!

Makes Driving Safe & Fun In 3 Easy Steps!

Place VIZR On Dash

Select Feature

VIZR is not just another clever car gadget or passing fad – it’s the future of driving & navigation!

Even better, VIZR will never become obsolete or outdated because of a new 2.0 version or some software update! If you have a smartphone and a VIZR, you’ll always be able to drive safer…today, next year, or 10-years from now!

The Big Question: How Much Does It Cost?

While HUD technology usually costs $400, $500, even $800 or more and is usually only found in luxury vehicles, it’s finally available to the public for less than $40! That’s less than a tank of gas and VIZR will certainly last longer too!

Where Can I Get One?

You can get your very own VIZR by going to their official website here.

UPDATE: Special Offer!

As of Wednesday, May 13th 2020, VIZR is still offering an incredible limited time deal. You can get 1 FREE VIZR when you buy 2 of them today! You’ll have one for yourself and 2 to give to your loved ones!

VIZR makes the perfect gift for new or experienced drivers, travelers, truck drivers – anyone who drives! Don’t delay…we’re told this amazing deal is for a very limited time, so you must act now!

VIZR is trusted by others across the US. Here's what they had to say:


"Helps me keep my family safe."

VIZR helps me keep my family safe. I can navigate around town while keeping my eyes on the road. A must-have for any parent.

"LOVE It!"

VIZR allows me to see directions and the roads at the same time. After I put my phone on VIZR, I don’t have to mess with it again! No more looking down to check for directions – Love it!

"Inexpensive way to add navigation to my dashboard."

I have an older car and wanted an inexpensive way to add navigation on my dashboard. I tried a couple different heads up displays but my phone kept sliding off of other products. I like VIZR for its sticky feet and rubber bumpers which hold VIZR and my phone in place while going around sharp turns. I’ve even been able to move VIZR around on my dash and VIZR retained its stickiness without leaving marks on my dashboard.

"It's a blast to use!"

I originally bought VIZR because I was tired of holding and looking at my phone to navigate or see what traffic looked like ahead. I wanted to be a safer driver – especially with my two kids in the car. But truthfully, now that I’ve been using it a while. I have to say, it’s such a blast to use. My coworkers and friends are always amazed at how neat it is. And now most of them have one too!

"Driving in the dark doesn't worry me at all anymore."

I’ve had trouble driving at night because my eyes don’t adjust very well to the darkness. So I’m always afraid to drive at night. But now with VIZR, I can plainly see the road in front of me. I don’t get panicked like I used to at the slightest road curve. It’s pretty amazing. And seeing it lit up at night like a cockpit is pretty cool – I actually feel like a pilot

"Got one. Bought several more/"

VIZR has made my in-car navigation totally obsolete! It always made me nervous looking away from the road to view the navigation display in my car. But with this neat little gadget, I don’t have to anymore. It’s so much safer checking street maps now. I actually just bought 3 more – each for my siblings who are newer drivers and need help keeping their eyes on the road!