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15 Sweet & Surprising Mother’s Day Gifts That Mom Will Actually Be Grateful For

Mother’s Day is around the corner and just like every year, mothers deserve the best!

If you need a great gift for mom, we have one BIG tip for you:

Don’t buy her something that will just sit around unused for years until she throws it out!

Yes, it’s true that mom will probably be happy with anything you get her… but why add more waste to the world when you can take a few extra moments to find something she’ll actually remember for years?

Of course, there are so many excellent, thoughtful gifts out there these days… and even if you spend hours scrolling through shopping sites, you’re still unlikely to find the best ones.

But don’t worry – we’ve done all the hard work for you this year by creating the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift List!

Below you’ll find 15 of 2022’s most popular gifts for mom. All of these gifts are unique (and DON’T say “I found this at the last minute at the mall”)… but more importantly, she will actually love, use, and feel so happy when she receives them!

Did you know your toothbrush is the DIRTIEST item in your bathroom!? We have been taking so many precautions to prevent getting sick… Yet we’ve been sticking toothbrushes with 100 MILLION bacteria cells in our mouths twice a day like clockwork?!

Yup – toothbrushes are like magnets for the millions of germs that float around the bathroom (especially when you flush). That means she’s putting them in her mouth whenever she brushes… until you give her Bril, that is! 

Finally, there’s an easy way to prevent nasty germs, poo particles and bacteria from infesting in your toothbrush. Now you can boost your immune system and protect yourself from gum disease! 

  • Proven to kill 99.9% of germs – bril kills germs on a molecular level by destroying their DNA with safe UV light
  • Easy to use – just place the toothbrush in bril and it automatically gets sterilized!
  • Great for her whole body – bril kills bacteria that can increase her risk for heart disease, diabetes, and more

As seen on FOX, CBS, NBC, USA Today and more!

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Backup your photos, people!! You won’t know how much you’ll wish you did this until you lose every single photo on your iPhone (including your baby’s first steps). Believe me, I learned the hard way. And now I back my photos up religiously.  

Photostick Mobile lets you instantly backup photos from your phone onto the device. You can then delete the images from your phone to make room for new ones! If you have multiple phones, just use it on each of them — The PhotoStick Mobile works with both Android and Apple phones.

Save up to 60,000 photos & videos from your Phone &/OR Tablet – keep your memories close and never see “Storage Full” again!

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Peeps is a unique device that uses NASA lens cleaning technology to provide your glasses with an ultimate level of clear. See like the glasses were brand new again.

Peeps have sold over 1.5 million units in the USA and are available in over 12,500 Optometrists offices.

You can pick up your peeps at the cheapest it’s ever been sold at TODAY! 

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This Self-Love Journal helps you improve your life through positive thinking.

There are three steps to self-love and this journal will guide you through each one with strategies and tools. And it’s not just fluff – it’s research-backed, designed and used by therapists and psychologists! The best part? You’ll start feeling happier and more confident in only 10 minutes a day!

This bestselling journal will give you the tools you need to reframe insecurities and start living a more compassionate, self-positive life. Record and reflect in as little as 10 minutes per day and become a stronger, healthier, more resilient you.


TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat is a patent-pending hot and cold therapy hat that provides natural and fast relief for all types of headaches.

The unique built-in flexible ice pack with 360-degree coverage is a game-changer – quickly relieving pain and putting you into a deep state of pain-free relaxation.

  • Why It Works – TheraICE relieves pain in two ways: by using compression and cold therapy to constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation, helping mute the signal of pain to your brain – or by using heat therapy to relax your muscles and ease tension, melting you into relaxation and comfort.
  • 360 Degree Headache Relief – TheraICE is the first headache solution that provides 360º coverage, allowing it to apply gentle pressure to every “relief point” for maximum effectiveness. 
  • Works On All Types Of Headaches (And Other Pain As Well!) – The “dual therapy” technique works extremely well for any type of headache including tension, sinus, cluster, and migraines. You can also place it on your neck, shoulders, eyes, and more to quickly soothe other aches and pains.

Help relieve their headache pain with this unique compression therapy hat!

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LifeVac is an FDA Class 2 airway clearing device that quickly and safely removes obstructions when someone is choking. Unlike back slaps and abdominal thrusts (which can break ribs – or even cause the object to become further lodged in the throat), LifeVac uses suction to smoothly and effortlessly remove the object. The best part? It’s so easy anyone can use it – and she can even use it on herself. Everyone should have one at the home and office!

  • Clinical studies have proven LifeVac to be 100% safe to use in a choking emergency
  • Easy to use – she doesn’t need training or a prescription to use it
  • She can even use LifeVac to save herself from choking!
  • Works on both children and adults
  • Only takes seconds to use

LifeVac has already saved 246 lives – and counting!

GoDonut is a revolutionary phone and tablet stand that makes it easy to enjoy your mobile devices anywhere, hands-free.

It’s the World’s best phone and tablet stand. NO SERIOUSLY, it’s won awards and is selling like hot cakes! 

Now she can watch movies, follow recipes or do anything she wants completely hands-free. Even better, it fits right in her pocket so she can bring it wherever her phone (or tablet) goes! She’ll never have to worry about her phone flopping over every. single. time she tries to talk to someone. It’s awesome!

It’s truly universal so it’s compatible with 99% of mobile devices, even ones that haven’t been released yet. That’s because GoDonut has built-in flexible grooves for everything from small phones to massive tablets. 

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If you’ve noticed her looking more dark and gloomy on video calls than in real life, don’t worry – she’s not the only one. It’s not her fault we’ve all been suddenly thrown into this high-tech world of communication… and not everyone’s savvy with Instagram filters! 

OlumiRing makes it easy to look amazing on camera — no matter where you are or which device you’re using! With the press of a single button — she’ll enjoy a brighter, more professional appearance on video calls, selfies and more.

The unique ring shape of the OlumiRing projects light in 360 degrees, while the built-in diffuser adds a professional look by softening the light. Together, they ensure you always look your best and feel confident on camera!

Works on all devices, and it’s compact and portable! Get perfect lighting anywhere!

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Surprise your mom this year with a special screening of all of her favorite memories! 

If she has a ton of old photos and VHS tapes or DVDs stored away in the attic, she’s going to LOVE iMemories – a new service that helps her quickly and effortlessly digitize all her precious family memories from over the years! All she has to do is pack up her photos and videos in the secure box and send it off to the state-of-the-art iMemories lab in Arizona. She’ll receive the originals back safely, along with access to her digital files in a secure location she can share with the whole family. It only takes a few minutes… and she’ll have a lifetime of memories at her fingertips to enjoy whenever she wants!

With iMemories, you can now protect and preserve your photos & videos for future generations to enjoy – AND you can easily view and watch those forgotten memories right from your phone or tablet.

The best part about iMemories is how EASY they make the whole process. The whole process is tracked, which is why they’ve NEVER lost a single memory.

MOTHER’S DAY SALE: Get 50% off your SafeShip kit PLUS get an additional 20% off digital transfers! 

If mom is a wine drinker, yet suffers from wine-related side effects like headaches, congestion, face flush, upset stomach or hangovers… then The Wand could change everything for her!

These pocket-sized “magic wine wands” uses resin beads to actively absorb up to 95% of all sulfites and histamines from your wine. In fact, It’s the ONLY product on the market that can remove both of these compounds! 

Even better, The Wand leaves the healthy stuff in her glass so she can fully enjoy the flavor and benefits without any of the side effects. It’s perfect for anyone who suffers from notorious “wine allergies”!

Finally…enjoy wine without the nasty side effects!

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Is she struggling with headaches? Aculief can stop mom’s headaches in as little as one minute without a single pill, wire, or doctor’s visit!

 It just slips right onto her hand on her LI4 acupressure point and lets her go about her day as normal. She can still sleep, workout, shower, work – whatever she wants – without the constant headache.

Aculief is doctor approved and recommended by many leading Acupuncturists for effective self-treatment! Try it today!

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If mom suffers from a lung condition, AirPhysio could completely change her life! This specially designed device uses a revolutionary method to naturally loosen phlegm in the chest – helping her breathe easier in just a few days. Not only does it help clean her lungs, it also helps her increase her lung capacity. It’s a must-have for anyone who has trouble breathing!

  • Helps relieve symptoms from asthma, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis & more
  • Completely safe to use – no prescription needed
  • Uses the same technology doctors have used in hospitals for years
  • 100% natural – no drugs or refills required!
  • Also helps with temporary conditions like pneumonia, colds & other viruses

Rated 4.1 stars with 1800+ reviews – Winner of the Start-Up Of The Year and International Best Product Awards!

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Ever get frustrated that you don’t have enough cup holders in your car?! I know I have this problem every day! 😅 

This is the World’s most versatile cupholder! Whatever it is: big or small, tall or short, CupStation can hold it! The adjustable arms on the CupStation expand over 6 inches to hold large objectslike hydroflasks, XXL soda cups, coffee mugs, food containers, accessories (keys, phone, etc.) and tons more!

Now you can secure ALL your favorite items in your cupholder. If you need more storage in your car, you’ll love CupStation!

MOTHER’S DAY SALE: Buy 2, Get 1 FREE for a limited time only!

It’s a sad, irritating truth: Dry toilet paper simply doesn’t get the job done! Doctors say “wiping” just isn’t the same as “cleaning” – which is why so many people have switched to wet wipes in recent years. It’s more hygienic and provides a much better cleansing experience. However, wet wipes are expensive and damaging to plumbing systems… which is why Fohm is such an incredible innovation! This simple bathroom accessory transforms dry toilet paper into hygienic wet wipes on demand. It’s cleaner, more efficient, and much more affordable than wet wipes. If mom already uses wet wipes, she’ll save a fortune over the years… and if she doesn’t yet, she’ll be extra grateful! (But perhaps she’ll save the thank-yous for after dinner…)

  • Saves you hundreds on wet wipes while providing the same hygienic experience
  • Made with soothing pH-balanced aloe and free from alcohol, parabens, fragrances and sulfates
  • Easy for anyone to install – it’s ready to go in under a minute, no tools required!
  • 98% plant-derived foam is formulated to give you the best personal hygiene possible
  • Completely safe for your plumbing system (unlike wet wipes!)

More than 20,000 people have already switched to Fohm!

Let’s face it: Even if she does amazingly well with her diet and exercise, chances are good she’s still struggling with little bits of stubborn fat that won’t go away. It’s normal! But now we have the Isavera Fat Freezing System to take care of it – this patent-pending device helps reduce the appearance of that stubborn fat from home. Using it is easy… she just needs to strap on the specially formulated gel packs and relax! Isavera uses principles inspired by a scientifically proven process called Cryolipolysis, which freezes fat cells without damaging the surrounding skin. It’s painless, easy and works fast!

  • Completely safe to use — the ultimate at-home alternative to CoolSculpting
  • She can easily use it at home – no supervision required
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fat around the chin, neck, arms, thighs, love handles, and more
  • Trusted by more than 60,000 people
  • Uses the same technique that Kim Kardashian, Molly Sims, Mariah Carey and more have used with great success

Over $6 million in sales – with a 4.2 star rating after 4,000+ reviews!

If she’s always wanted her own garden but thinks she doesn’t have the space (or time) for it, get ready to surprise her… because SeedSheet is here! This “garden in a box” instantly transforms any backyard or patio into an organic garden. The best part? Each SeedSheet provides up to $92 worth of Organic, nonGMO produce! Anyone can do it, no green thumb needed – SeedSheet’s app tells her exactly how to care for her herb garden, sends her reminders when it’s time to water, and even shows her how to make delicious recipes when it’s time to harvest!

  • Includes six delicious and healthy herbs to enjoy in a variety of meals
  • Easy enough that ANYONE can do it – she can even get the kids involved!
  • Notifies her when it’s time to water it and harvest
  • Includes every single thing she needs – no extra store trips required!
  • Works indoors and outdoors – totally up to her!

Shark Tank Winner! Over 150,000 SeedSheets Sold Worldwide!