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This Strange “Headache Hat” Eliminates My Headaches In Seconds (It’s Like A Spa Treatment At Home)

December 22, 2021

If you struggle with headaches or migraines on a regular basis, read closely – this story could change your life!

My headaches started in my early 40s. Of course, I’d had headaches before – but when they began happening daily, I started to freak out.

I assumed it was stress at first… but the pain simply didn’t stop. In fact, it got worse.

Eventually, my headaches felt like they were in control of my entire life. My work suffered. I felt less present with my family. I was completely drained of energy all the time.

After a few months of mild, but constant pain every day, I went to the doctor… who gave me drugs to ease the symptoms. I accepted this solution at first – what else was I going to do?

But after a few years, I got extremely tired of taking pills every day. They made me feel groggy and weak – and with each pill I popped, it became harder and harder to imagine ever getting off of them.

So I started looking for new solutions. However, every “alternative solution” I tried (like yoga, massages, even a back brace) simply didn’t relieve the pain like the pills did.

I was stuck: Do I accept essentially being a “legal drug addict”? Or do I accept a life filled with constant pain? It felt like no matter what I did, I would only live my life halfway.

But then I received a phone call from my sister. She was ecstatic, practically begging me to come over as soon as possible. When I arrived, she showed me a strange-looking device and told me to put it on my head.

“What the heck is it?” I asked.

“It’s called the TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat,” she explained. “It’s a new device that uses hot & cold compression therapy to relieve headaches in minutes – and it’s completely natural. My husband just got one and he loves it… so I immediately thought of you.

Well, I’ll be darned if I didn’t snatch that weird contraption right out of her hands before she even finished the sentence… and OH MY! I’ve never felt pain melt away so quickly!

You know it – I took that Headache Relief Hat right home with me, and I’ve been using it daily ever since. It’s completely changed my life!

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What is the Headache Relief Hat?

The Headache Relief Hat is a patent-pending hot and cold therapy device that provides natural relief for all types of headaches.

It’s unique for three main reasons:

  1. It provides both hot and cold therapy in one easy-to-use device.
  2. It’s the world’s first headache solution to provide 360-degree head coverage, giving you maximum relief.
  3. It’s made from dark materials, which naturally block out sunlight – a common cause of headaches.

Combined, this “pain relief trifecta” makes the Headache Relief Hat a must-have for anyone who experiences headaches regularly.

Personally, I use the doctor-approved cold compression therapy most often – the Headache Relief Hat’s thermal insulation allows it to stay cold 10x longer than a wet washcloth, meaning it actually stays cold long enough for my headaches to disappear.

That said, I also use the heat therapy to relax when I’m feeling particularly tense. It’s great to have both options available!

What Types Of Pain Can The Headache Relief Hat Help With?

The Headache Relief Hat’s “dual therapy” technique is extremely effective for relieving all sorts of head and facial pain – including:

    • Headaches
    • Inflammation
    • Eye, Cranial, & Facial Tension
    • Sinus & Stress Relief 
    • Puffy Eyes

Even better, the Headache Relief Hat is made with buttery-soft fabric that breathes easy – to me, it feels like a “cool pillow” around your head… which feels incredible when your head is pounding.

The one-size-fits-all design makes the Headache Relief Hat a convenient solution for both kids and adults. It’s 100% safe to use (even on bare skin) and there’s no uncomfortable velcro, hard inserts, or ice to fuss with. 

How Do You Use The TheraIce RX Headache Relief Hat?

Using the Headache Relief Hat couldn’t be easier:

To use the cold therapy, simply take your Headache Relief Hat out of the freezer, easily slide it onto your head, relax for 15 minutes and enjoy the relief!

To use the hot therapy, simply microwave your Headache Relief Hat for 10 seconds. If you’d like it a bit warmer, keep zapping it in 5-second increments. When it’s at the desired temperature, just slide it on.

Why Does The Headache Relief Hat Work So Well?

Here’s the thing: Before the Headache Relief Hat, I had already tried cold compression with mediocre results… so I was confused. “Why does the Headache Relief Hat work so well for me when the other options don’t?!”

As it turns out, the Headache Relief Hat’s 360° stretchable compression design makes a big difference. Because it wraps around your entire head, it’s able to evenly distribute the compression – allowing it to hit all the important headache relief points on your head for maximum relief.

Finally, the fact that it blocks out sunlight is huge. As you’re likely aware, intense light can cause headaches (or at least make them worse). Not only do the dark materials keep this sunlight from bothering me, it enhances the overall relaxation I feel. 

You don’t need to install or set anything up beforehand – like a fire extinguisher, it’s ready to use right out of the box.

I'm so glad I found the Headache Relief Hat! I highly recommend it to ANYONE with chronic headaches!

I can’t express how happy I am that my doctor recommended the Headache Relief Hat… I honestly never thought I’d be free from headaches.

And of course, I’m not entirely free. I still get headaches regularly… but now I have a powerful, natural way to relieve them in seconds. It makes a world of difference.

Bottom line: If you or a loved one suffers from headaches on a regular basis, then you absolutely HAVE to experience the Headache Relief Hat for yourself. It even comes with a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee and 1-year warranty, so you’ve got nothing to lose!


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Here’s What People Are Saying About TheraICE Headache Relief Hat...


This is a LIFESAVER! If you’ve ever experienced a migraine or stress headache this is the BOMB!

I purchased this for my husbands Valentine and he put it on immediately and started raving, said it was the best gift he’s EVER received! He wakes every night with headaches and sits with an old rag around his head. I love the softness of the material and that it surrounds the whole head, it feels wonderful all around. We LOVE it so much that I’ve already purchased another one. The darkness of the pad is awesome due to the light sensitivity with migraines! I wish you could see the smile on my hubbys face! Thank You Thera Ice.

If you have headaches stemming from inflammation of ANY have to get this.

If you have headaches stemming from inflammation of ANY kind- especially heat, allergies, blood flow... you have to get this for your arsenal. It's extremely comfortable and applies just the right amount of pressure without pain. It's the perfect level of cold and lasts long enough to let you fall asleep. The blackout eye covering takes away all the light and encompasses your sinuses for a complete overall calming and quieting environment in a way no other device I have ever used could. It's like combining the age old wash cloth with better and softer material that keeps temp longer!

I wish I would have purchased this years ago.

I suffer from chronic migraines and have spent an insane amount of money on pillows, head wraps, ice packs, etc. I wish I would have purchased this years ago. The pressure it puts around your head/face is just enough (doesn't feel tight). The fabric is very soft and it seems to be very durable. 9/10 would recommend!

Feels great and helps to relieve the tension

Getting lots of tension headaches these days. This "hat" feels great and helps to relieve the tension. The weight of the mask and the compression really help.