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Caring For Your Loved Ones (Children & Seniors) Just Got Easier – Thanks To This New Device

October 7, 2020

I’ll be honest: The moment either of my two children leaves the house, I start getting nervous.

My eldest just turned 16, so he’s started driving lessons… and the roads are starting to get crowded again. (He insisted he had to do it now…)

At the same time, my youngest son is starting to venture out on his own for the first time. Some days he’s with the nanny, but lately he’s been asking to go out with friends alone – no chaperone.

If you’re a parent, I don’t need to explain the inner conflict that comes when your children start coming of age. On one hand, you want them to feel free to discover the world… but on the other hand, just look out the window! You never know what can happen.

Not only that, peer pressure is strong – it can lead a good child down a dark alley faster than they have time to squeeze out an SOS text.

That’s why I started looking into tracking devices last year. Yes that’s right – it’s now possible to track exactly where your child goes… and thanks to an innovative new 4G tracker called Prime Tracking, you can even do it in real time.

The device allows you to track anything – such as people, cars, equipment and more. Even though I originally got it to track my children, I’ve found tons of other uses for it – it’s even more useful than I thought!

What is Prime Tracking?

Simply put, Prime Tracking is a cutting-edge GPS tracking device that uses lightning-fast 4G to provide real-time tracking for anything (or anyone) you need to keep an eye on.

It’s mini-size, lightweight, extremely durable, and 100% silent – in fact, you might even say it’s virtually undetectable. The tiny device fits easily in strollers, vehicles, backpacks, pockets and more!

Since I got mine, I’ve used it to track my son’s car… track the nanny when she watches my younger child… and track both children whenever they go out on their own.

It’s also got an impressive battery life – I only have to plug it in twice a month, even though we use it all the time!

While I hope I don’t ever need it, Prime Tracking also includes full coverage throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico – so if my son decides to head to Cancun for the weekend, I’ll be able to show up and grab that tequila shot right out of his hand!

How do you use Prime Tracking?

Unlike other complicated devices, Prime Tracking is simpler to use than a cell phone – especially for those with mobility or dexterity issues.

Setting it up only takes a few minutes, and from there you don’t need to maintain it (aside from charging it once or twice a month):

1. First, activate the tracker on their website. There are just a few steps and you’ll be guided through the process. (No personal information required!)
2. Open the free iPhone or Android app and connect it to your device following the easy instructions.
3. That’s it – you’re connected! You’ll automatically get live updates on the device’s current location.
4. If you want to use the advanced features, simply activate them as needed (more on those features below!)

Once you’re connected, you can easily keep Prime Tracking in your pocket, bag or dashboard.

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Alright, spill it! What are these “special features”?

Of course, Prime Tracking is much more than just a real-time GPS tracker. It’s packed with tons of useful features for all sorts of specific needs:

  • The SOS Button: This allows the user to call for help with the press of a button. If a loved one (such as a child or family member with dementia) realizes they have become lost or is facing trouble, they can easily press the SOS button, which sends an alert with their exact location.
  • Route History: This feature lets you see where they’re going (and where they went). This is super useful, especially if you have teens or are tracking employee vehicles. With Route History, you can easily view each trip throughout the day that the tracker has been.
  • GeoFence Alerts help you keep your things (and loved ones) in one place. Prime Tracking allows you to create “GeoFences”. This is essentially a boundary that you can create on the map. Whenever someone with the Prime Tracking device leaves the GeoFence, you get an alert. (I think of it as a shock collar – without the shock, of course!)
  • “Instant Replays” that let you catch speeders red-handed (great for new drivers). Prime Tracking even lets you watch replays on Google Street View – so you can see exactly how fast they were going, where they stopped, and for how long. You can even get alerts when they go over the speed limit, brake harshly, or accelerate too fast!

These are all the features I’ve used it for – but there are plenty more. This really is the ultimate tracking device for everyday use!

Who needs something like Prime Tracking?

As I mentioned, I think it’s an amazing thing for parents to have – but there are also plenty of other folks who are getting great use out of Prime Tracking.

If you have younger children, you can tuck Prime Tracking into strollers or baby carriers (especially when they’re with the babysitter) to keep track of your infant or toddler when you’re out in public. Personally, I drop it into my youngest son’s pocket (or backpack) and let him run off with friends at theme parks.

Naturally, anyone caring for seniors or those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia will get a lot of use out of Prime Tracking. It’s the perfect way to keep track of them – it’s discreet, easy to carry and doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

One last thing… their customer service is AMAZING!

In today’s world, there are too many companies that have a great idea, but don’t really stand behind it… as evidenced by my poor experience with trackers before Prime Tracking.

My experience with Prime Tracking has been completely different. They really care. In fact, I even had a small problem with mine at the start, and they fixed it ASAP – they even replied to my text in less than 30 seconds!

It’s great to know that if I need help with anything (setting up alerts, geofences or anything else) they’ll step in and take care of it free of charge. That’s customer service!

If you have loved ones you’d like to keep an eye on, you’ll love Prime Tracking!

If you’ve ever considered a tracker – or you’ve imagined the possibility, but didn’t realize it’s now possible (and easy) – then you’ll be happy to know that Prime Tracking is absolutely worth it.

I personally have three devices: one for each child, plus one for my car. Above all, Prime Tracking gives me peace of mind – they’re so useful in so many different situations… and once you own one, you’ll start realizing how many uses there are for a reliable tracking device. I can’t recommend it enough!


UPDATE: Here’s where to get Prime Tracking for the lowest price

Since writing this, a lot of you have written in to ask about getting your own Prime Tracking devices. I did my best to reply to all of you, but I figure I might as well update this article!

If you want to try Prime Tracking yourself, I suggest getting it from the official website. In fact, they’re currently offering a 10-Day Free Trial and other big discounts!

When you buy directly from them, you’ll even get a 30-day money back guarantee – so you can find out if it’s worth it for you. If you keep track of loved ones (or just get nervous whenever they leave the house), then I highly recommend Prime Tracking – it’s leaps ahead of anything else on the market!

"Excellent Product And Customer Service!"
This is by far the best customer service experience I have ever had. The new tracker works perfectly as advertised. Precise location and long-lasting battery. The few tech questions I had were answered immediately and competently. I can't say enough good things about the excellent customer service I have received from Prime Tracking. If you’re looking for a GPS tracker, stop looking and buy this one. You won’t be disappointed.
"This Tracker Is Awesome"
My daughter is a new driver and always forgets to check in with me when she’s out. This gives me MAJOR peace of mind. If she forgets to call and say she made it to her friend’s house…etc…we can check on her. Didn’t call between school and work or practice? We can check on her!!! She likes it because she doesn’t get nagged by the parents as much anymore since I can just check the location instead of trying to call and talk to her. It does tattle on her though if she speeds or goes somewhere she shouldn’t so it helps keep him in check too. SO AWESOME!!! It was easy to activate and it’s cool watching it track. This tracker is very cool and useful, I can see so many possibilities for this. Tracking young latch key kids, elderly, special needs, suspicious behavior, car, boat, bike, hiking, running, etc. TOTALLY AWESOME!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
"Found out what my husband is doing."
I never expected to need something like this but I started having marital problems last month. I bought this just at the smallest suspicion that my husband was cheating. The device itself works fine and the battery lasted two weeks, which was good enough for me to collect the information I needed. It has allowed me to confirm my suspicions and I have since moved on from him.
"Very Impressed!"
Very impressed. We bought the tracker for our real estate agents to keep track of them and their showings. Everything was very accurate. The support is beyond anything I ever experienced. At the end of the day you never know when you show a house who you are showing it to. We like to be careful. This way we can keep everyone safe by giving them a tracker to make sure they are alright. We also use the tracker to our teens driving. It tells us how fast they are driving which honestly is my favorite part.