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This Device Is Being Hailed As "The Holy Grail For Content Creators"

November 1, 2023

If you love creating videos — whether it’s for millions of followers or just your family and friends — you know how important it is to wow your audience with interesting styles and techniques.

And these days, it’s easier than ever for even the most casual video creator to blow people away with a few simple tricks…

That is IF you have the right equipment!

Thankfully, the right equipment is more affordable, easier to use, and of higher quality than ever before.

The only problem? There are a LOT of gadgets out there that promise to make your videos better… and some of them are great! (My ring light is amazing, for example.)

Sadly, so many of them are confusing, unnecessary, or too expensive to be worth it. I simply don’t have the time or budget to master the more difficult ones, and I’ve been burned plenty of times on cheap devices.

But recently, a new gadget kept popping up on my feed that I couldn’t resist trying: Pivo.

It’s a pocket-sized device that attaches to your phone and automatically tracks your movement — it’s like “having a camera crew in your pocket.” Pretty cool, right?!

I’ve always been a blogger, but recently I’ve been creating more videos. When I saw what Pivo does, I instantly came up with a dozen ideas I could use it for.

However, I’m definitely new at this. I wondered: Is Pivo easy to use? Does it really improve the quality of your videos?

And most importantly: Will an “average” content creator really use it… or will it end up in a pile of forgotten equipment after a few weeks?

After seeing some positive reviews from influencers I trust, I decided to give Pivo a try to see if it lives up to the hype — here’s what I learned!

First, What Is Pivo?

Pivo is an auto-tracking camera mount that attaches to your smartphone and makes it possible for you to create exciting, high-quality, motion-tracked videos — all by yourself.

It’s won awards for its ease of use and innovative features, which allow virtually anyone with a smartphone to effortlessly level up the quality of their videos.

You can think of Pivo as a Hollywood camera operator!

There are tons of features, but its 360° Motion Tracking technology is the big draw — it lets you create SO many cool types of videos with your smartphone that you simply couldn’t do by yourself.

Pivo has quickly become one of the most popular tools for all types of content creators, so I couldn’t wait to try it myself!

My Experience With Pivo — How Does It Work, And What Can You Do With It?

First off, I love how easy the Pivo is to use. You don’t need any technical experience to use it.

It works with any smartphone and it only takes a few seconds to set it up. All you have to do is:

      1. Place your phone in Pivo.
      2. Choose face tracking, body tracking, or even animal tracking.
      3. Pivo will follow you as you move around!

Pivo can be placed on any hard surface, or screwed onto the top of a tripod.

For example, I use it with my tripod when I’m creating cooking videos, and I set it on a nearby table for my yoga videos. It’s so versatile!

A big bonus is that it connects to your device via Bluetooth right away. I didn’t have to fuss around with any settings or stress out trying to connect.

The first time I used my Pivo, I was blown away by how smooth the 360° tracking is. Pivo uses patented AI technology for hyper-accurate target tracking, and it really shows — the device flawlessly tracks me wherever I go, without any “hiccups” or glitches.

The Motion Tracking technology can rotate in a complete circle up to 3 times to capture seamless videos.

Another cool feature: Pivo is not limited to facial tracking — it can also track your whole body, which means it won’t lose track of you when you turn around. It’s great for situations where your face won’t always be visible, but you still want to be followed.

Pivo has settings that allow you to track with:

  1. Your face (as in video tutorials)
  2. Your body (as in dancing, fitness, and sports videos)
  3. And even large animals (as in equestrian videos)

Of course, you don’t have to track yourself. It’s also a great way to smoothly record someone else in motion hands-free, like your child’s sporting event.

Wait, Pivo can do WHAT?!

Next up: Pivo’s Target Exposure feature. Pivo automatically prioritizes the exposure of your chosen target (likely, you!) so that when it tracks with your movement, you are evenly exposed throughout the whole shot.

That means no more:

    • Grainy shots
    • Overexposure or underexposure
    • Fussing with editing software to fix shots

Finally, Pivo also has Auto Zoom capabilities that automatically zoom in and out on the target you’re tracking.

So when the target moves far away, Pivo’s AI technology automatically zooms in to make sure the target is at least 10% of the frame. And of course, it zooms back out again when the target comes closer to the smartphone.

I used this feature to record my daughter’s dance recital, and it was so helpful. The video turned out WAY better than I could have done myself… much smoother, steadier, and always “on target”.

My Favorite Part? Pivo Has The BEST Apps

Pivo Play app’s Versus feature makes a solo dance battle look super profesh!

Pivo comes with free apps that give you access to amazing features.

Other apps I’ve tried in the past have been clunky, buggy, and frustrating to use… but Pivo’s are user-friendly and work great. They make it faster and easier to create professional videos with advanced special effects.

Even though you’re filming alone, Pivo’s advanced AI makes it seem like you have a camera crew working for you.

Who Is Pivo For?

Personally, I’ve been using it for both professional-looking cooking and yoga videos, and for personal family videos.

But there are actually a lot of different people who can benefit from it. Here’s a quick rundown I came up with, though I’m sure there are plenty more:

WHO: Real estate agents

WHY: Because you can do video walk-throughs for long-distance clients or to post online.

WHO: Vloggers

WHY: Because you’ll produce higher quality videos with a more affordable camera setup.

WHO: Sports-loving families

WHY: Because you’ll never miss that big play again! Pivo will motion-track your kiddos while you’re cheering them on… in real time!

WHO: Instructional video creators

WHY: Because cooks, woodworkers, makeup artists, painters, artists, DIYers, and teachers should be free to do their creative best… not play cameraman.

WHO: Equestrians

WHY: It’s a hit among equestrians because it helps with training — “the best way to improve is to see how your last jumps went”.

WHO: Athletes & performers

WHY: Because dancers, skateboarders, cheerleaders, roller skaters, runners, gymnasts, weightlifters, and fitness instructors need to put their heart and soul into their work… not worry about camera angles.

WHO: Project managers

WHY: Because long-distance co-workers will never miss part of the presentation again!

WHO: Active families

WHY: You’ll be able to capture family photos and memories… and even video chat with loved ones far away!

WHO: Content creators of all types!

WHY: Your content can ALWAYS be improved with Pivo, even if you’re alone (and in the perfect lighting) when your best idea strikes.

My Conclusion: Pivo Is A Must-Have For Content Creators

Pivo is absolutely perfect for my needs… it keeps giving me ideas for new types of content, lets me film super creative scenes all by myself, and makes our family videos so much more fun to make and watch.

My videos have improved, my filming and editing workload have decreased, and I feel less stress and worry when filming… which means I’m making more videos than ever. I’m so happy I found Pivo!

UPDATE: Here’s How To Save Up To 40% On Pivo!


It’s been a few months and I’m still loving my Pivo! However, I’ve heard some disturbing news… apparently, after Pivo went viral, a number of counterfeits and imposters started popping up on the internet.

To get the real deal, ONLY order your Pivo from the official website. If it’s out of stock, just check again later — trust me, this is a situation where you definitely want the real thing!

Even better, you can get up to 40% OFF your Pivo order when you order directly from the brand. Not only do you guarantee you’re getting an authentic Pivo, you also save a bunch! How cool is that?

Here’s What People Are Saying About Pivo...


Amazing Product!

A friend of mine was using the Pivo Pod and after trying it for myself I absolutely loved it - so much so that I bought it for myself! The auto-tracking features are incredible and the product's design as well as the app's interface is easy to use. I would definitely recommend for anyone interested in increasing their smartphone camera capabilities!

Everyone needs one- especially if you FaceTime with loved ones or create content

First and foremost, everyone and anyone needs this product. I create content for a living so I own all the bells and whistles, or so I thought. I have a tripod, I also have a remote for my DSLR but the Pivo is all in one. This device is tripod compatible, has voice command (perfect for pics and video if you're solo), blue tooth pairing and you can share. All I need to create content now is my new iPhone and the pivo. I love that it has 360 rotation and also has the option for multiline stream which is fantastic if you want to connect with family since we are in quarantine. It's well worth the money and has made my life easier. Definitely gifting my loved ones with a Pivo because I love mine so much!!

Great product, great customer service, so easy to use

This product is AMAZING! Truly a game-changer for the dance/flow/performing arts community! If you're a content creator online specializing in dance, flow, cirque, really any kind of performance art, this product is such a great tool for recording and sharing your skill. Panning is smooth, auto focus is spot on, it really does exactly what it's meant to do! Like any technology there are hang ups occasionally, but the pros greatly outweigh the cons. I use this tool every single time I record my flow, and when I'm not actually using it to record, it just hangs out on my tripod. I have also used the panoramic photo features and they work so well! Attach your phone and Pivo to a tripod and let it do it's thing. Smooth panning creates a seamless panorama and a large file image. I can't say enough good things about the Pivo - if you're trying to decide whether or not to purchase this for your craft, take this as a sign!! You will not be sorry! 🙂

Easy to use, gorgeous design and function

This is my first review at Amazon. That means I really love this product. One of my friends recommended to me using the Pivo pod. This is a pretty new brand, so I was worried about it. but absolutely the best product for me. This one is perfect for my personal blog video. Easy to use. and there is a remote control. I don't have to wait for my timer to take a picture. and very light. I think this is also perfect to bring anywhere. and the best feature is the auto-tracking! very smooth. it feels i have my personal photographer lol lovexxxx