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How To Avoid The Heartache Of Losing Irreplaceable Family Memories With Just ONE Click!

May 13, 2020

What would you do if your computer crashed? Got lost or stolen? Thousands upon thousands of incredible family memories wiped out just like that. Everything gone simply because your computer had a little glitch! And having them professionally retrieved can cost serious $$$ – YIKES!

If you’re like me, you want to make sure you’ll never lose a precious memory, like I definitely have in the past. Let me tell you a story:

A few years ago my wife and I decided to go camping during the long weekend. I packed up my RV and we were ready to go! We had the best weekend, but it all turned to chaos as soon as we got home…

We pulled up to our house and the front door was wide open. I quickly ran inside and realized that our computer, hard drives, and iPad’s had been stolen – and yes, with years and years of precious memories, family photos and videos. 

Not only did we feel so violated that someone would do that, we lost THOUSANDS of photos and videos of our parents and grandchildren! Photos that we will never get back again 🙁  You never think it will happen to you, but it can and it did!

As we shared on Facebook how devastated we were that our photos were gone forever, a few friends recommended a better way to ensure this never happens again! Our friends suggested getting the “Photostick”, and so after some researching, we ordered it!

The Photostick is an amazing new device that gives you the power to download and protect all your memories with the single click of a button. You can easily save up to 60,000 photos and videos automatically without the headache of manually backing up each file individually! Just ONE click and you’re done – seriously!

What Is It?

It’s a small thumb drive called ThePhotoStick. And if you want to backup and save your priceless photos and videos WITHOUT the time consuming frustration of searching, saving and organizing them all yourself, then this powerful little guy is exactly what you need!

How Does It Work?

It works so easy and effortlessly, it’s honestly like magic! All you do is… 

1. Plug ThePhotoStick into your computer (works for both Mac and Windows)

2. Open the program

3. Click ‘GO‘…and you’re DONE!!!


Watch this video to actually see PhotoStick in action…

Pretty amazing, right?

You Search NOTHING! PhotoStick Saves EVERYTHING!

ThePhotoStick instantly scans every inch of your computer, searches through every file and folder for your photos and videos. Then it automatically downloads and backs up all your photos and videos to ThePhotoStick. Memory lane is now safe and secure!

PLUS, it identifies duplicates and automatically saves a single version – maximizing storage space!

Watch this video to see how it works…

“What If I Have More Than One Computer With Tons Of Photos & Videos?”

No problem. You can use ThePhotoStick with multiple computers. When you backup memories from more than one computer, ThePhotoStick clearly organizes the photos and videos for each computer by its name that you gave it when you initially set your computer up.

Think about it. What would normally take HOURS (or cost $ from a professional) of searching, selecting, saving, and organizing is now all done for you with a single click of a button.

Ordinary thumb drives can’t do that! Expensive external hard drives can’t do that!

You simply will not find another device, like ThePhotoStick, that makes backing up 1,000s of your memories so painless and effortless.

As See On

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

Would you believe me if I said you can get one for up to 50% OFF? Yep – it’s true! You can get a 128GB ThePhotoStick that can save up to 60,000 of your treasured photos and videos for less than a bag of groceries!

ONE Click Will Do The Trick – That’s It!

Now that you know backing up and protecting ALL of your great family moments is just a click of a button away, what are you waiting for?  Backing up thousands of photos and videos from 1, 2 or even 5 computers is as simple as…

Step 1: Order ThePhotoStick here and get it delivered in about 1 week.

Step 2: Plug it in and open ThePhotoStick program.

Step 3: Click ‘GO’…and there you go – done! Easy peasy!

UPDATE: Special Discount!

As of Friday, March 20th 2020, it looks like they’re still offering you ThePhotoStick in various sizes at deep discounts!

You can even get their top of the line, biggest capacity Photostick 128GB at over 50% OFF + FREE Shipping (how many computers can you backup with 128GB? A lot I suspect).

I'm not the only one who thinks ThePhotoStick is the best...

I wish this came out last year. I lost photos when my computer crashed, I had hundreds on there. Had to get a new computer, I had my photos on a program that came with my Casio camera. Tried downloading the disk again for this computer but it wouldn't take it. I looked online to see if I could find another program like but couldn't find any. Guess my camera is so they don't have anything I could download for it.
ThePhotoStick worked just as expected. I have some irreplaceable pictures, I feel so much better knowing they are stashed on th is and safe in a fire proof box.
This was an excellent product to save my pictures. It captured all my photos off a computer that had crashed. I was very happy with the stick.
Good gift for your mother for Mother’s Day!
I had a grand total of about 60,000 images, with many duplicates. This little "stick" managed to eliminate the duplicates so that I now have about 24,00 originals preserved forever in a fire-proof vault, a cost-free and independent method of safekeeping.
The Photo Stick works just the way it says it does; very easy to use. I checked it when done, and there were my pictures. There is so much room on the stick that I should be able to use it for years to backup documents and pictures.
Works great!