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Could This Thumb-Sized Device Put a Stop To Identity Theft, Hackers, & Lost Data?

November 27, 2023

Let me ask you a question: where do you save your photos? Family videos? What about your tax returns?

I ask because I recently ran into some serious trouble with my data — that changed the way I save ALLLLLL my sensitive and important info: Pictures, videos, tax returns, legal documents, and everything else…

Now I’m never going back to how I did it before. Just wait until you hear why…

A few weeks ago, I was meeting a friend for coffee at an outdoor cafe, and at one point I went to the bathroom. I left my purse on my chair while she sat at the table…

And then her granddaughter called, which distracted her…

And someone grabbed my entire purse and ran off with it!

This was the beginning of a total nightmare. Because guess what?

I had a thumb drive in my purse – it had been rattling around in there since April. And, well, it had my tax return on it.

Of course my phone, wallet, and all the usual things were in there too.

And that’s how I learned the hard way that I’m supposed to back up the photos and videos from my phone. I’ve never bothered to back them up and I just assumed that a copy of them magically ends up in the cloud or something.


As a result of that whole ordeal, I’m currently working through some identity theft issues as well as getting new credit cards and a driver’s license.

However, there is a silver lining. When my son heard about this whole ordeal, he instantly said: “I’m sending you something — so you’ll never have to worry about this again.”

Sure enough, a few days later a package arrived… and ever since, I’ve felt COMPLETELY at ease about my data… because I’m now using a device called Omni DataSafe to keep my most sensitive data 100% secure.

It’s only a small change to my routine, yet it’s given me peace of mind that I never realized I needed so desperately… until my data was stolen, that is!

What Exactly Is The Omni DataSafe?

The Omni DataSafe is an external storage device for data that has a physical keypad on it to lock your data.

It has military level encryption and an external “padlock”… all wrapped up in a tiny thumb drive. It’s basically a cross between a safe deposit box and a thumb drive.

The Omni DataSafe can store everything from tax returns, to photos, to videos, to legal documents and health records. Any digital item that you want to keep safe, Omni DataSafe can protect!

How Does the Omni DataSafe Work?

To use it, you simply insert Omni DataSafe into your computer’s USB drive and enter your secret code on the keypad. Then you can save whatever you want onto the drive! 

It stores up to 32GB of data, which is plenty to protect your most important data. That’s equivalent to about 250 1-minute videos, 8,800 photos, or 600,000+ pages of documents.

It works with Windows, MacOS, and Linux, so you can move across devices and use it for everything.

Here’s the best part: As soon as you remove the Omni DataSafe from your computer, it automatically locks. 

Even if somebody steals it, NOBODY can access your files without the passcode. It’s safe from hacking, physical tampering, malware, and other brute-force attacks. 

In fact, if someone tries to guess your password, it resets and erases the entire drive. But that’s only after 10 consecutive password attempts. So even if it’s stolen, you can rest assured that nobody’s getting the data on that drive!

Now, my son really cares about this part: Omni DataSafe uses Military-grade AES 256 encryption. The bottom line is that experts agree that it would take millions (or even billions) of years to brute-force attack and crack the encrypted information on this drive.

For me, I like that I can easily navigate and access my most important data, because the Omni DataSafe has features like bill tracking, asset management, estate planning, password management, and more

So it’s easy to figure out what to do even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy (which I’m not).

But Before Using Omni DataSafe, I Had A Few Questions…

Since this was a gift from my son, I didn’t evaluate it thoroughly before buying it.

At first, I was worried that I would somehow push these buttons enough to erase my data. But luckily, the buttons are not so sensitive that a typical user will accidentally push them — let alone 10 times. It’s not something to worry about at all.

You actually have to try to guess the password to erase this thing.

And I wondered if the employees of Omni could access my data. But this isn’t a cloud system – the data is all right there on the physical drive. So nobody can get it unless they have the Omni DataSafe AND the passcode.

I Asked My Son What He Thought (He Works In I.T.) …

So the obvious thing is that my son bought this for me, so he must like it, right? 

Yes. He does like it. And since he shopped for it, he looked into the specs of this product and gave it two thumbs up.

He loves that it’s super safe — my old thumb drive doesn’t even hold a candle to it. If I ever get my purse stolen again, nobody’s getting the data off my Omni DataSafe.

He also likes that he can access all of our family’s most important documents with the touch of a button if, god forbid, something happens to me or my husband. 

Currently, I’m storing my and my husband’s will, all of our account credentials and passwords, our tax records, and our most treasured memories on it. Since I gave my son and my husband the passcode, one of us can always access it.

Is Omni DataSafe Worth the Hype?

Absolutely! I would buy this 100 times over. And here’s why:

I know firsthand the hassle and stress that comes with having your identity stolen.

It takes ages to comb through bank transactions, set up account alerts, enroll in identity protection services, check both my husband’s and my credit score…and then KEEP doing it for months (or even years). 

If you have digital data that you care about whatsoever, I highly recommend that you pick up an Omni DataSafe. In this case it’s MUCH better to be safe than sorry. I say that from experience!

Final Verdict: Everyone Needs An Omni DataSafe For Their Sensitive Files — It’s The Best Way To Get Peace Of Mind About Your Data!

I think this is something that should be in every home… and every business

I know how crucial it is for a family like mine to have the Omni DataSafe. And it would be priceless in a business setting as well. Especially if you work from home, travel for work, use free wifi, or work in coffee shops. That’s a lot of opportunities to lose a thumb drive or get exposed to hacking!

The Omni DataSafe is a necessary extra layer of protection for sensitive business documents, HR information, budgets, banking info, and anything else that businesses keep digital records of.



The folks at Omni DataSafe saw my story! Since it’s a new product and they want to spread awareness to as many people as possible, they offered readers of this post a discount. If you click the button below, you can get $20 off your Omni DataSafe — or a FREE Omni DataSafe when you buy 2! I think they’ll fly off the shelves, so click below to get yours soon.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Omni DataSafe...


"Great tech for newbies"

I don't know much about encryption, but even a tech newbie like me knows a keypad on a USB is more secure than one without. I saw other reviews rave about the specifics (that I don't really understand to be honest) and figured I'd give it a try. I was relieved at how easy it ended up being to use. I like that I can't be taken advantage of just because I don't know much about computers, and I feel more protected from hackers now.

"Such a Life Saver"

Seriously a life saver - when my dad had an accident, each of my siblings and I had a copy of his data safe so we could help manage things while he focused on getting better. We were prepared for conversations with his doctor, lawyer, and even his business partner so things ran smoothly while he was on disability. Took one less thing off our plate during a stressful time. Highly recommend it!

"Protects Your Passwords"

My son teased me when he found out I stored my passwords in a spiral notebook in my home office desk. He sent me this product as a way to up my security game, and I have to say I'm impressed. The only reason I used the notebook was because I didn't want to deal with difficult softwares that claim to guard my passwords. But this is honestly just as easy as the notebook, and a thousand times more secure.

"So Easy to Use"

The USB drive and cap are surprisingly heavy metal and sturdy. It was very easy to set up and use, and the two different LED lights at the top make it clear what the USB drive is communicating. Most of all, it just works!

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