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New Anti-Smoking Invention Lets You Continue Smoking While You Quit Cigarettes… And It’s 10X More Effective Than Cold Turkey

January 6, 2022

“You know those cigarettes are going to kill you. Why don’t you just quit already?”

If you’re a smoker, you know how frustrating this question is – especially coming from a non-smoker. They have no idea how hard it is! All they can see is a bad habit that you seem to be choosing… even though you know it’s deadly.

In fact, even scientific researchers have trouble explaining why it’s so hard to quit smoking.

They agree that cigarettes are the single deadliest man-made object in the history of civilization… and that they’re just as addictive as heroin and cocaine – yet more lethal.1

Cigarettes currently cause about 1.5 million deaths from lung cancer per year2, a number that’s actually growing, not declining.

From the outside, it seems like smokers are choosing to continue a habit that will almost certainly kill them.

But once the addiction has taken over, it’s not your choice anymore. And if you want to quit, you need help. Sadly, finding that help is a lot more difficult than it seems…

Most smokers want to quit – they just don’t know how. And until recently, all the options weren’t even available to many of them… but that’s about to change.

While researchers agree that smoking is deadly – and the hardest thing to quit – they can’t agree on the best way to help people escape their addiction.

The problem is simple: Everyone is different. The method that works for one person could be completely useless to another!

Some people are able to quit cold turkey. They simply throw their pack in the trash and move on. That’s great – but it’s also extremely rare.

If you’ve been smoking for a long time, cold turkey is NOT the best option. The withdrawals will be unbearable, leading you to start smoking again as soon as you have an excuse (any will do).

That’s why quitting cold turkey only has a 3-5% success rate. More than 95% of smokers will return to smoking if they try to quit cold turkey!3

The other option is to try a form of nicotine replacement, such as patches, gum, pills, or e-cigarettes. However, these products don’t really solve your problem. You’re still addicted to nicotine – it just takes a different form. And since you’re still addicted to nicotine, it’s easy to go back to smoking after a bad day.

This leaves lifelong smokers stuck in a hopeless cycle. First, you quit, then you feel miserable, then you give up… feeling more ashamed than you did before. This repeated failure wears you down and makes it harder for you to imagine ever quitting.

That’s why researchers have been so excited about a new technique that takes a VERY different approach… with unbelievable success rates in multiple trials in the UK.

It’s called NicoBloc, and after decades of being kept under wraps, it’s finally available to the public… and thousands of people have already used it to quit successfully.

The new quit-smoking method is called NicoBloc – and it’s 10X more effective than cold turkey.

NicoBloc is a new stop-smoking aid that helps you quit nicotine before you quit smoking.

It may sound strange, but it’s highly effective. It comes in a liquid formula that you apply directly to your cigarette filters before you smoke. The NicoBloc liquid blocks tar and nicotine, preventing them from entering your lungs.

NicoBloc doesn’t change the taste of your cigarettes, either. That means you can continue smoking your normal brand, following the same ritual as before – just start adding NicoBloc to start the quitting process.

A single drop of NicoBloc blocks up to 33% of tar and nicotine, while three drops block the tar and nicotine content by 99%. You start with one drop during the first week, then add more when you feel ready to take the next step.

This method has two main benefits:

  1. It virtually eliminates the stressful withdrawal symptoms that cause so many of us to fail.
  2. It allows you to quit smoking gradually, on your own terms.

Unlike cold turkey, you keep on smoking as usual… but NicoBloc slowly reduces your addiction to nicotine – so when you’re ready to stop smoking for good, it’s shockingly easy.

In addition, NicoBloc is a self-applied formula, giving you complete control of how you wean yourself off nicotine. For the first week using NicoBloc, you’ll probably use a single drop. Then, when you feel ready, you can move up to two drops, and finally three.

Using NicoBloc, you control the pace of quitting nicotine – and eventually, you’ll realize you no longer have the urge to smoke.

Why are experts so excited about NicoBloc becoming available to the public? What makes it better than other stop-smoking methods?

Unlike gum, patches, and other techniques, NicoBloc doesn’t substitute one bad habit for another. Instead, NicoBloc fights addiction from all sides.

If you’re a lifelong smoker, you know that smoking isn’t just chemical dependency — it’s a social, mental, and behavioral addiction that impacts your entire life. And that’s one of the reasons why NicoBloc works so well.

Here’s what it feels like to quit with NicoBloc

Users say that quitting with NicoBloc is a bit strange – you basically “quit before you know it”.

This probably sounds unbelievable to someone who’s tried to quit before. But it really is a different approach, it really is easy, and according to the data, it really works.

The first thing you’ll notice is that NicoBloc doesn’t change the taste of your cigarette. Everything feels normal, which is weird because you’re expecting something unpleasant. Quitting is supposed to be difficult and frustrating, right?! Not with NicoBloc.

Then you’ll start to notice that it’s been longer than usual since your last cigarette… so you go out and smoke, which satisfies your craving.

This is where the magic happens. Over time, these “gaps” between cigarettes get longer and longer. You simply crave less and less, which naturally makes you smoke less. (This has led some users to say using NicoBloc is like “quitting automatically”)

After a week or two, you’ll start to feel like you can actually breathe again. (You’ll also start to finally realize how nasty ashtrays actually smell…)

Around week 3, you’ll find it surprisingly easy to delay your morning smoke. This starts a “domino effect” – since you can easily avoid smoking in the morning now, you can also space out the rest of your cigarettes more easily… meaning you smoke less naturally.

At this point, it’s your choice when you finally throw out that pack.

Is NicoBloc right for you?

If you’ve tried and failed to quit smoking over and over again, you have to try NicoBloc. It’s simply too promising and effective to not try it.

In a number of clinical trials, 58% of people who used NicoBloc successfully quit smoking, and others reduced their cigarette consumption by up to 77%.

Do you know how this compares to other products? Every year, over half (55%) of smokers try to put down their cigarettes for good, yet only about 5% succeed. This means that using NicoBloc can increase your chances of quitting by 10 times!

Put down your cigarettes for good with NicoBloc

If you’re trying to quit smoking, NicoBloc could be the answer you didn’t know you were waiting for.

While it can be frustrating to try yet another product, rest assured that NicoBloc is unlike any patch or step-by-step program you’ve attempted before. Most users say the only “downside” is that they didn’t get the chance to quit with NicoBloc sooner – it was that easy and effective for them.

NicoBloc is unlike other products because you control the pace at which you quit. Over time, you can gradually cut nicotine and tar out of your system… and before you know it, you’ll be ready to toss out your cigarettes forever.

If you’re sick of smoking and don’t want to spend another minute being isolated by your friends and loved ones by a cloud of smoke, you absolutely have to try NicoBloc.

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Here’s What People Are Saying About NicoBloc...


I went from 20 cigarettes a day to 0 in 6 weeks

I've tried quitting for years and nothing ever worked. I did the patch, gum, vaping. E-cigarettes just made my addiction to nicotine worse. Nicobloc was the key. Easy to use, no change in the taste of the cigarette, and I experienced no withdrawal symptoms. I went from 20 cigarettes a day to 0 in six weeks. I have no desire to smoke anymore, and I can't even describe the improvement my life has experienced because I don't smoke. And I owe it all to Nicobloc. Thank you so much!

How I used NicoBloc to finally quit

This product works. Just make sure to use it on every cigarette. One drop the first week, two drops the second week, then three drops the third week. The more drops you put, the more crap it traps. You can see the filter turn black. Each drop stops 33% of tar and nicotine from getting out of the filter and into your body. The cigarettes taste the same but you don't get the rush like before. It basically slowly takes away the reward you used to get from them. Every few days you start to notice that it's been awhile since your last cigarette and you think that you should have one. The time gaps grow longer. You start to feel like you can breath and you notice that ashtrays smell. What I did was I would wait longer when I woke up to have my first to the point where it wasn't until after lunch. Then I started having my last one at night earlier and earlier. So the time before bed and untill lunch grew longer then after four weeks I quit bc I was down to one a day. Yes it can be sticky and you should wipe your lips off after your done smoking but who cares. You used to inhale a million toxins and now your quitting.

Lasts forever and it really works!

Highly Recommend! Started with one drop, then worked up to 2 and than 3 drops. Lasts forever. Works without the water that nicotine blocking filters have that are like vaping and made me cough allot! Did not cough at all using the Nico Bloc. Considering how many packs of cigarettes it covers, it’s really a great buy.


OMG, IT REALLY WORKS! I've cut my smoking in 1/2. I did feel some withdrawals, but so worth it!!! I no longer have that hacking cough. I can breathe better, I feel better. You'll save alot of money on cigs...I use 1 bottle a month. I love this product!

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