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How I Grow Year-Round with No Soil and No Maintenance

January 8, 2021

Set it and forget it… if only gardening was that easy, right?!

If you’re like me, gardening has been a hot topic of yours, or at least something in the back of your mind. Maybe you already have an outdoor garden going, maybe you’ve got a few plants inside…

No matter how big your green thumb is, you definitely know that caring for that tomato or pepper plant is no easy task.

Overwatering, underwatering, trimming… any cloudy days ahead? Now what do you do? I didn’t know I had to be a weatherman just to grow a couple tomato.

All I ever had was my plants on my mind… when people started asking me what I do for a living I’d joke and say that I’m a full-time gardener!

I’ve always wanted the benefits of having a garden without the need of feeling like I’m a perpetual student of gardening. That’s why I want to talk to about what I learned to simplify all of this.

Specifically, I want to talk about hydroponic gardening… that is gardening without soil.

I started growing my own food as a way of guaranteeing the quality… I don’t have to rely on labels to know that my food is grown without GMOs and the use of harmful pesticides. I also know that no matter what happens at the supermarket… I’ll always have fresh food.

If you are currently using store-bought vegetables and herbs, it is likely you are consuming GMOs/pesticides which can be detrimental to your health. More specifically, GMO/pesticide-contaminated food can cause immune problems, accelerated aging and allergies.

Did you know that parsley alone can have up to 40 pesticides sprayed on it before you pick it up at the grocery store?

And that’s just the parsley. If you’re making a dish with any kind of herb or vegetable, multiply that number by another 50… Yuck! No wonder we get sick!

Whether you want to be prepared in case of an emergency, live healthier or just be able to show-off to your friends — growing a garden at home has probably crossed your mind.

As anyone who’s plunged into the world of home gardens knows… it’s no easy task. Plants, surprisingly, don’t grow themselves, but all you need is the right direction…

One of the biggest reasons hydroponics has become so popular is because recent studies on hydroponic farming have shown it to have many benefits.

Plants grown hydroponically are of exceedingly high quality, consume fewer resources than traditional growing methods and even produce a higher yield.

But I’m sure you’ve seen what those crazy PVC pipe overcomplicated hydroponic systems look like… they are WAY too complicated for someone like myself to implement… I mean just look at it!

Going down that route was not something I was ready to commit to. I flirted with the idea for weeks, did some research, I even bought a book about it back in February…

The truth is, these systems cost A LOT and consume A TON of time,

But I always loved the idea of growing my own lettuce, peppers, parsley, basil or tomatoes just on my patio and if I had friend or family over, they could walk out and grab their own fresh herb or produce for dinner.

Which is why I FELL IN LOVE with my friend’s little device when I saw it.

I went over to her house just before the pandemic started for a little girlfriends hangout and dinner. She made a nice little seafood pasta, but it was very… basic (sorry I really can’t think of a nice way to put it).

It was shrimp, fettucine and alfredo sauce, which is GREAT! But if I had to be honest, it’s a little bland for my taste personally without vegetables, herbs or spices.

When I was grabbing my share, I asked her nicely “do you have any basil I could sprinkle on top?”.

She had a mini freak out, apparently with all the gabbing we were doing she forgot to explain the dinner!

She pointed to her little patio (she lives in a condo) and said, dish up your pasta and go season it with my garden outside!

I kind of held in a chuckle, this is an apartment, there’s no way I was walking out to a garden…

Well sure enough we open the patio and saw 4 of these little devices, one was growing cayenne peppers, one with little cherry tomatoes, one with fresh basil and the last with fresh parsley.

WOW! I couldn’t believe it; I wish I snapped a picture of her whole setup but here’s one of the pepper plant after I brought it in. IT WAS SO COOL!

Needless to say, dinner was a HUGE hit for me. So, the moment I got home I messaged my friend and begged her to tell me what those little devices were. I learned they were the “Grow Pad Mini” by Farm Culture.

They were BRAND-NEW, no wonder I never heard of them until now.

I immediately ordered 3 (they provided a discount because I was ordering more than one) and they all arrived just a week later. Now I grow everything I possibly can in them.

And now that I have the devices, I realized just how easy they are to use.

What Is the Grow Pad Mini?

The Grow Pad Mini by Farm Culture is a small at-home all-in-one hydroponics device that is convenient and simple to use.

This small device makes growing herbs and small vegetables at home an absolute breeze. Complete with their own quality substrate (soil replacement) they provide, all that’s needed is to stick a finger in, place a seed or two in, pour some water in the reservoir, press one button and you’re good to go!

Grow Pad Mini comes armed with a Smart LED system, which automatically cycles every 12 hours and ensures whatever you’re growing gets the exact light they need to THRIVE.

And with the beauty of hydroponics you can grow year-round, indoors or outdoors. Heck you can grow these right in your pantry if you want!

Who wants to run down to the farmer’s market on a Saturday morning to grab some basil? That’s why my favorite place to keep my Grow Pad Minis is right in the kitchen.

There is nothing better than picking out a little fresh basil for your soup, some fresh cilantro for your flatbread, some fresh cherry tomatoes for that Sunday Caesar or some parsley on your seafood pasta. Yum! 😋

Sounds Cool… But How Does It Work?

The Grow Pad Mini takes all the complications and difficulties of Hydroponic Gardening and simplifies it.

The closed system of Farm Culture’s Grow Pad Mini simply takes in water in the reservoir and allows the crops to flourish.

Using the Smart LED system, it ensures that your crops get the proper amount of light, in any space, any time, year-round.

What about soil? Good news! Each Grow Pad Mini comes with its own substrate to hold seeds instead. That means no more messes!

But this device sounds complicated, so I’m sure you’re wondering…

How Much Does It Cost?

None of us are looking to break the bank to get into gardening… as a matter of fact, most of us are looking to use gardening as a way to SAVE money…

That’s why the Grow Pad Mini is made to fit any budget, starting at only $50.00.

With all of the complexities and difficulties of hydroponics, you would expect a modern device that handles all of it to cost a fortune.

Setting up your own hydroponics system with PVC pipes (although the tools are cheap), normally costs several hundred dollars when it’s all complete, not to mention the insane amount of maintenance they require.

Before you know it, you’re a full-time at-home gardener whether you have a green thumb or not.

$39.99 is such a small price to pay to avoid all of that. And to make it RISK-FREE they are even offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

That’s right, the team at Farm Culture are so confident in their product they are offering a 100%, no questions asked, 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you don’t completely love yours, just bundle it up and ship it back, you’ll INSTANTLY receive all of your money back.

$39.99 is such a small price to bring all of the benefits of Hydroponics into your home.

I personally LOVE my devices — I have several around the house growing all types of herbs and plants.

And that’s not all!

On all Grow Pad Mini orders placed today, you’ll receive your own:

  • A free starter seed pack to grow your own Lettuce.
  • A quality substrate, perfect for growing any type of seed.
  • A USB cord to keep your Grow Pad Mini charged up (no need for batteries!).

And in case you were wondering, assembly is as simple as plugging the Grow Pad Mini in, sliding the pot into the base and pressing “On”.

Yeah… it really is that simple.

In seconds you’ll be growing your own herb garden! And in just a few weeks you can expect your first harvest.

Join thousands of other Americans that harvest their own herbs from Farm Culture devices today!

Here’s What People Are Saying About GROW PAD MINI...


"Fresh herbs even in the heart of winter!"

I just got my Grow Pad Mini and I'm excited to be able to grow fresh herbs in the dark of our midwest winter! I love that it's compact and nice looking so I am able to leave it right on my kitchen counter. I'm not much of a gardner and this seems to be easy to use without much fuss or mess.

"This product is a game changer!"

It functions as a lamp, I like the way it looks on my kitchen counter! I don’t need to worry about bugs or having to water it everyday!! My kids are excited to it growing!!! Thinking about getting one more for different herbs!!!

"Kids LOVE It"

We have been using this in our house all winter. The kids have loved watch basil and other herbs grow and then use it for dinner. A fun way for the smaller kids to learn about farm to table in a way they can understand. We love it!

"Best invention since sliced bread!"

Love this in so many ways! The perfect gift for that green thumb in your life, or for a novice that’s looking for a full proof way to get that home garden going. The sleek design and ease of use makes the Grow Pad perfect for any space. My holiday shopping just got super easy thanks to Grow Pad. Can’t wait to see what else they come up with!