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Love Grilling? This Innovative 5-in-1 Tool Is a Must-HAVE (And Will Sell Out This Summer!)

May 27, 2021

Whether you’re a grilling pro yourself or you simply enjoy the fruits of a loved one’s labor, surely we can all agree: the grill master can use all the help they can get.

That’s because manning the BBQ can be just as stressful as it is fun. There’s a lot on the grill master’s plate: flipping the meat, tenderizing properly, slicing the portions, managing the fire… and everyone’s watching you the whole time!

Of course, the smiles you create are an excellent reward. But sadly, that reward often comes with a pile of dirty dishes (that require hand-washing to boot). Bummer!

That’s why we’re so excited about this brilliant new invention called the FlipFork. It takes a ton of work off the grill master’s plate – while still allowing them to serve up the same delicious, mouth-watering food.

I know what you’re asking: Huh? What’s a FlipFork?! If you haven’t heard of it yet, you surely will this summer. Let’s check it out… and hey, you heard it here first!

Introducing The FlipFork: The Ultimate “Secret Weapon” Behind The Grill

So, what’s a FlipFork? Err… many things!

The FlipFork is the ultimate 5-in-1 grilling utensil – it combines everything you need to grill like a pro into a single super high-quality tool.

These are all the uses we’ve found for it so far:

  • The Fork: This makes it easy to flip thin cuts of meat (like bacon or tenderized chicken breast) without shredding them – and it’s essential for thinner cuts (like skirt steak) that can’t be flipped with tongs or a spatula!
  • Spatula: Some meats you don’t want to puncture (like burgers and steaks), which is where the spatula comes in. The spatula is extra-wide – making it sturdy enough for over-sized burgers and steaks, yet large enough to quickly turn an entire grill’s worth of meat.
  • Tenderizer: The built-in tenderizer is more convenient than the typical mallet form, yet it’s just as effective at adding flavor and softening the fibers in the meat. The serrated edge also quickly cuts open burger and hot dog buns!
  • Knife: Hand-sharpened by an expert bladesmith – we can confirm that its extremely sharp. This makes it ideal for preparing veggies or those tougher cuts – then serving up perfect pre-sliced portions to your guests.
  • Bottle Opener: Because every grill master (and their guests) deserve a cold one!
  • Naturally, these all function great in the kitchen, too!

    But of course, any time a single tool claims to do the work of five others, we get a bit skeptical… which leads us to a big question we had about FlipFork.

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    The Big Question: Is 1 FlipFork Better Than 5 Tools?

    If you’ve used a multi-purpose tool before, you know that some can be pretty flimsy. Instead of doing one thing right, it does multiple things poorly – but that’s not the case with FlipFork.

    FlipFork is made with 100% heavy-duty stainless steel and a beautiful Acacia hardwood handle. It feels extremely sturdy and balanced in your hand, too. But most importantly? It doesn’t feel like you’re using a multi-purpose tool – the ultimate test.

    FlipFork also includes a lifetime warranty, which shows how much the creators believe in the quality of their product – this thing is clearly built for life.

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    In short, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better version of these tools individually… let alone in a single easy-to-use utensil.

    Not only does the grill master save tons of time with FlipForkit’s dishwasher safe – so you also avoid the hassle of cleaning each one. (This is huge… nothing’s worse than having to hand-wash tools right when the meat coma kicks in!)

    The FlipFork Is Changing The Grill Game – Just In Time For Summer!

    This is clearly going to be one of this summer’s hottest gifts… and it’s a cool example of how a bit of ingenuity can save us all time and effort. If you haven’t been served by a FlipFork yet, just wait – you will!

    UPDATE: Here’s where to get your FlipFork at a huge discount!

    Thank you for your responses – clearly some of you want to surprise that special grill master in your life (or just want an edge yourself)! We’re happy to point you in the right direction.

    The creators of FlipFork are currently running a special promotion – for a limited time, you’ll get 1 FREE FlipFork when you buy 2. We don’t know how long this will last, so definitely act now to take advantage of it!

    Here’s What People Are Saying About FlipFork...


    "Best BBQ tool I ever used!"

    The spatula is sturdy and can flip anything over, the fork is perfect for steaks or hotdogs. the best part is the serrated / knife edge to help make sure the meat is cooked to perfection. I love using it. Makes everything easier — especially the clean up – only 1 thing to clean up!

    "A MUST for the BBQ guy."

    I bought this as a gift . I’m so impressed with the item I’ve already ordered two more for gifts later in the yea . If you have anyone that loves grilling, this is for them. Extremely well made of quality materials and very sturdy! Many different uses in one item!

    "Swiss Army knife of barbecue flippers."

    One of the things I liked about this utensil is that the handle, covered in wood, the metal tang is very stiff. Compared to a flipper I had from an expensive set of tools, there is no give which is good when you want to pat down a burger or any other meat. I tried the cutting edge on some 1″ NY Strip steaks to test and it easily cut through the meat without needing a fork to hold it. Cleaned up as one would expect. A nice tool to add to or replace your BBQ tool set.

    "Grilling master or mistress will love this!"

    HUGE grill spatula. Husband loves it! The fork on the end is incredibly useful and the placement of the bottle opener will keep juices and other grill residue from getting on your beer.

    "Great grilling tool for anyone!"

    Saw the FLIPFORK video and I was sold! One tool for the grill that does it all... I bought FLIPFORKS for all those who grill in my family!!

    "Great grilling!"

    Got this for my husband. He loves it. It keeps surprising him with everything it can do. Latest discovery, it can open his beers while he cooks!