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Understand Your Body & Health In Seconds (Just How Healthy ARE You?)

FitTrack is the first and only accurate and affordable way to measure, track, and trend your health data over time.

February 5, 2020

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Ever wish you could do your own “body assessment” at home – without paying the big bucks at a gym or $800 for a medical scale? Yeah – I did too!

I’ve always been a decently active girl. I go to the gym 2-3x a week, love hiking with friends and family on the weekends, and I love playing with my puppy in the down times! It wasn’t until about a year ago that I set a goal for myself: I really wanted to work on toning my arms and strengthening my quads!

I was told by my trainer that whenever you start a new training plan, you should measure your entire body – from muscle mass, to body fat, to hydration levels. I was so excited to reach my goals so I tried this scale – I had never used anything like it before! 

The results were UNREAL! After getting my first report back, I couldn’t believe you could actually see how much your muscle weighed!

I was hooked on knowing my real-time numbers! Every month I would do a new test and watch my levels change. It was amazing!

My only issue? The assessment costs started adding up and before I knew it, I was spending HUNDREDS of dollars a year just to know what was going on inside my body…

I decided that I needed to find another solution, so I asked my trainer.

He told me that he uses FitTrack at home! It’s this revolutionary new scale lets you look inside your body–like a free physical exam, but at home!

What Is FitTrack?

In short, FitTrack is the world’s smartest scale.

Simply step on it with your bare feet and it activates FitTrack’s patented dual BIA technology, which monitors 17 key health insights – allowing you to measure, track, and trend your health data in real time. 

This includes your body fat percentage, muscle and bone mass, hydration levels and more – important information that can help you make smarter decisions about your health.

Easily track and trend your health data by monitoring your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress. It’s the easiest way to see your results over time!

How Do You Use FitTrack?

Using FitTrack is incredibly simple:

  1. Download the free FitTrack app.
  2. Step on the scale with your bare feet. (This is how the dual BIA technology works – it reads the electrical signals that naturally occur in your body.)
  3. Instantly view 17 different key health insights about your body – any time you want!

Despite its recent launch, more than 120,000 people are already using FitTrack on a regular basis!

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • The technology has been around for a while, but it took over 5 years of development with thousands of beta testers before they finally released it to the public.
  • Kailo doesn’t use medicine or drugs, so nothing foreign or toxic enters your body.
  • The nanocapacitors are 100% safe to use as long as you like.
  • It’s waterproof! (So you can use it while swimming)
  • One Kailo will last for years. You only need to replace the adhesive strips occasionally.
  • Kailo isn’t just for back pain – people are using it for migraines and headaches, knee pain, elbow pain, hand pain, menstrual cramps, and more… and since nanotech is so new, they’re still finding exciting uses for it!
  • There IS one catch: You can only use Kailo in 2 or 3 places at once. So it’s great for back pain, but maybe not full-body pain.

For me, just trying it was enough – and after learning how safe it is, I’m completely sold on Kailo now. However, I was still curious about the actual science. WHY does this thing work?!

FitTrack includes all sorts of fascinating – and highly useful – information.

The most popular use for FitTrack is weight loss. In fact, FitTrack recently celebrated 120,000 active users around the world who have collectively lost 1 million pounds!

The reason FitTrack works so well for weight loss is because the FitTrack app allows you to set goals – then it gives you direct feedback on the things you try.

Imagine knowing right away whether or not your new fitness routine is working – or if your new diet is really cutting down fat like you hope.

With FitTrack, this isn’t just possible – it’s easy. Even better, watching yourself get healthier gives you confidence, increasing the chances you’ll stick with your diet or exercise routine!

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Is FitTrack Only For Losing Weight?

Not at all! The whole family can benefit from FitTrack – and it offers unique insights for both men and women.

For example, did you know your body’s age is probably different from your REAL age? If you’ve ever heard someone say they have “the body of a 20-year-old”, now FitTrack can put them to the test! FitTrack’s metabolic age feature will tell you if your body is aging faster or slower than it should be.

If you’ve recently changed your diet (for any reason), you’ll want to track your protein rate to make sure your body is getting sufficient nutrients.

Or maybe you’re trying to cut down on your belly fat – you’ll want to pay attention to the Visceral Fat Index.

These are just a few examples. Once you start using FitTrack, you’ll start discovering all sorts of ways to improve your health that go far beyond weight – and since you’re seeing your results in real time, you’ll keep building confidence all along the way.

Before now, this has only been possible with expensive equipment… but FitTrack makes all this information extremely easy to access and monitor over time.

If you’re on a diet, have a family of growing children, or simply want to know more about your body’s vital health signs, then you’ll clearly find a lot to love in FitTrack.

Everyone can benefit from learning more about their health and body – but it wasn’t until FitTrack that it became both possible AND affordable!

UPDATE: FitTrack Is Back In Stock And Now Available – Here’s Where You Can Try It For 30 Days

The brand is actually running a promotion right now: FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders and a 100% money-back guarantee so you can try FitTrack risk-free. They’re also running some special deals if you buy more than one!

I'm in love with this scale! It not only measures your weight, it also has 17 different measurements. My favorites are the metabolic age and muscle mass. All the information is transmitted to an app on your phone, it trully is amazing
This is the most amazing, detailed scale!! The app was super easy to install and setup. The detailed report this provides is amazing. It helps you see the areas of your health that you need to focus on improving the most.
This scale is amazing–it's so sleek. The app is so easy to setup, it automatically connects right to the scale and you don’t have to do anything further to set it up. The scale is also super accurate too, I weighed myself at the doctor’s office and then came home and got the exact same weight on this scale. I definitely recommend this scale!
Recently bought the FitTrack and the customer service was out of this world I would give them a 6 stars! The product itself is so good, its very stylish & fits nicely into the bathroom. The data comes up instantly on your phone app & is very detailed. I am a very happy shopper & cannot recommend them enough.
I absolutely LOVE this scale! The app is so easy to use and read. It really makes me focus on all aspects of my health, and not just the "weight" number on the scale.
I started a diet a few weeks ago and there is no way that I would be as successful as I have been without this scale! It provides so much information and truly helps you understand your progress! Couldn’t be happier with the purchase!