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Avoid A “Home Haircut Horror Story” With This Advice From Professional Hairstylists

April 6, 2020

Well… it looks like we’re going to be here for a while.

And since most barbershops and hair salons are currently closed, that means most of us are going to get a little… shaggy.

This leaves you with two choices: you can either “let it be” and embrace your wild side… or you can take matters (and scissors) into your own hands.

If that second option sounds tempting, this article is for you – but let us warn you: cutting your own hair is NOT as easy as it may seem… but it IS possible!

And while it may result in some horror stories…

…everyone is doing it, and the results aren’t all bad. (Although to be fair, Sanjay Gupta is a neurosurgeon – those steady hands come in handy here.)

While some may argue that it’s not essential, we think everyone deserves the self-esteem boost that comes with having your best look. If you want it, you deserve it!

So, let’s make sure you’re in the “lookin’ good” category and not the “oh my, what have you done” category, shall we? To help you groom with confidence, we’ve compiled the following tips from professional hairstylists:

1. First off, now is a good time to take a break from shampoo.

This is one everybody can follow – whether or not you plan to self-style.

Hairstylist Paul Burton of Scarlet Salon in Oregon says this is a great time to give your hair some time to relax. “Don’t wash your hair every day to extend conditioning and color treatments,” he says.

Washing your hair can cause damage – and taking some time off allows essential oils to form, which promote natural hair health.

2. Get creative with your hairstyle to accommodate the extra length.

If you’re not used to having longer hair, it may feel a bit strange. But with a bit of creativity, you can turn those unexpected inches into a brand new look.

“Pull your hair into a ponytail or clip it back into a messy bun,” says Troy Brown of B’Inspired Studio. “Or style it with a pretty hairband or cover it with your favorite hat.”

3. Coloring at home is entirely possible – but don’t go crazy.

Now is not the time to get experimental… but you can definitely color your hair at home! Just stick to within a few shades of your natural color, wear clothes that you don’t mind ruining with dye, and perhaps stick to the roots (and leave highlights for later).

This is another situation where calling your hairstylist could be a smart move. Celebrity hairstylist Tracey Moss recommends you contact your hairstylist to get tips on home coloring.

If you can’t reach your stylist, Moss suggests sticking with trusted brands and keeping it simple. “Research the brand of your choice for tips and make sure you have all of the supplies needed to color your hair,” she says. “Be sure to do a hair strand test and follow the manual directions.”

4. When cutting your hair, don’t wet it – leave it dry.

This can be an issue of personal preference, but most hairstylists suggest cutting your hair dry. There’s good reason, too!

“I prefer people to do them dry,” says Kathryn Mercury of Haven Hair Salon. The reason? When your hair is dry, you can see the true length. If your bangs are wet, you might cut them too short because of “the shrink factor’”.

5. If you’re going to cut your hair, stick to a trim – and use the proper equipment!

Although clippers and buzzers are important, you need more than just the basics to guarantee a great at-home haircut.

That’s why we’re HUGE fans of CreaClip – a new invention that gives you a professional-looking trim from home.

It’s an incredible tool to have year-round, even when your hairstylist is available. It saves you tons of money on unnecessary appointments and even allows you to experiment with total confidence.

Of course, CreaClip isn’t just for your own use. Parents are finding it especially useful these days as well!

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With CreaClip, anyone can create unlimited haircuts, including one length, layers, bangs, and bob! And the best part is that all YOU have to know about cutting hair is how to use a pair of scissors or hair clippers.

Since CreaClip was designed with a rotating level, flexible body, and secure locking system, it works on every hair type and every length. 

(Their special clip locks hair in place so it’s also PERFECT for cutting my kid’s hair.)

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