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This Revolutionary Pillowcase Has Become The Hottest Gift Of The Year!


UPDATE: Blissy products are known to sell out fast!

December 8, 2020

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews, what is it about the Blissy pillowcase that's making everyone want one?

Oh, December shopping. Door busting sales, early openings, long lines, and absolute craziness. Everyone’s scrambling. Some are fighting. Just to get their hands on that incredible deal.

Most, are usually on the hunt for TVs, video games, the latest phones, and must-have toys. But when a record number of consumers started ordering our pillowcase, analysts everywhere were scratching their heads, asking…


Consumers everywhere want to get their hands on the Blissy Pillowcase. Even more now because of their incredible Holiday Deals!

This week only – Get up to 55% off the hottest selling product of 2020. The Blissy Silk Pillowcase!

Why is demand so crazy for this pillowcase?

Victoria has been sleeping on a Blissy pillowcase for about a year now. “I’ve always had problems with blemishes on my skin, and I had become sick and tired of waking up with my hair in knots,” Victoria says.

“My friend recommended that I use a silk pillowcase. So over the past few months, I tried a couple. But that’s because they didn’t do what they said they would.

My hair was still a mess, I still had blemishes, it was annoying. Then, I came across the Blissy Silk Pillowcase. After reading about it, and most importantly, the testimonials, I decided I would try a silk pillowcase one last time.

FINALLY!! It worked exactly as it said it would! The morning I woke up after using it for the first night, was incredible! My hair wasn’t tangled or knotted, it had this beautiful natural shine! My face wasn’t dried out and the blemishes on the sides of my face were starting to go away! I really believe that the only reason why it worked is that this pillowcase is made of such high-quality silk. I will never sleep on anything else. Blissy for life!”

Another loyal Blissy user, Joe, says “I’ve used my Blissy pillowcase for about a year now and it does everything it says it does. I bought plenty to use as stocking stuffers for my family at Christmas. They’re going to love them!”

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews, what is it about our pillowcase that's making everyone want one?

Blissy Pillowcases Improve The Look, Feel, and Health of Your Hair.

Because they’re made from 22-Momme 100% Mulberry Silk, Blissy pillowcases are incredibly soft and smooth. This reduces the friction on your hair making it virtually non-existent. Because of this your hair won’t tug or pull and get tangled like it would with other pillowcases. And because there’s no friction to create heat, you won’t get breakages or split ends either.

Pillowcases made from other fabrics, like cotton, for instance, absorb an incredible amount of moisture from your hair. This causes your hair to dry out and damage it. Over time as that moisture builds up in the fabric, the fabric becomes absolutely filthy. And every time you go to bed, all of that built-up dirt and grease gets all over your hair. You’ll notice that you have to wash your hair much more often than you’d like to.

The Blissy pillowcase won’t absorb moisture. The natural oils and moisture found in your hair, stay in your hair. They won’t absorb into the pillowcase, and your hair won’t be stripped of its moisture while you sleep. Your hair will be cleaner, your pillow will be cleaner, and you won’t have to wash your hair nearly as often.

When you wake up with a Blissy pillowcase, your hair will be healthier, shinier, and it’ll feel great!

Your Skin Will Thank You!

Your face is in direct contact with your pillowcase all night while you sleep. With other pillowcases, they absorb your skin’s natural oils. Not to mention any lotions you put on your face before bed.

Those oils and lotions build up and create a filthy breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Clogging your pores and irritating your skin. With the Blissy Pillowcase, it won’t absorb your skin’s oils or any lotions that you put on. So when you wake up your face isn’t dried out and damaged. 

And because the Blissy is so soft and smooth, you won’t get any sleep wrinkles either. Blissy pillowcases help maintain hydration, cleanliness of the skin and prevent sleep wrinkles. You’ll wake up with a morning glow.

It’s Hypoallergenic!

The fiber strands of the silk used in the Blissy pillowcase are very smooth. These fibers are weaved really tight to make the pillowcase. This makes the Blissy incredibly soft and smooth. Eliminating any nooks and crannies in the fabric for dust mites and other allergens to attach to. 

This makes Blissy pillowcases Hypoallergenic and perfect for your allergies. Say goodbye to waking up with stuffiness, sneezing, watery eyes and runny noses.

You’ll Have an Incredible Night’s Sleep!

Because the Blissy pillowcase is so soft and smooth, it won’t bunch up and become uncomfortable. The silk used naturally refracts infrared heat. This keeps your pillowcase cool throughout the night.

This is perfect if you tend to get hot at night or toss and turn when you sleep. With a Blissy, you won’t wake up in the middle of the night just to flip the pillow over to the cool side. You can sleep through the night and wake up relaxed and refreshed.

Cleaning Blissy Won’t Ruin It!

You can wash your Blissy over and over again and it won’t get ruined like so many other fabrics. The Blissy will feel like it did on the very first day you used it, because the silk is 22-Momme. This means there’s more silk per square inch making the weave tighter. This strengthens the silk, making it very strong and durable.

It’s the Best Traveling Companion.

Why sacrifice your rest because you’re traveling. Bring your Blissy pillowcase with you and put it on your hotel pillows. Or even go a step further and put it on your travel pillow. Get the same benefits in the air or in the hotel that you do at home. Traveling doesn’t always have to be an inconvenience. With Blissy, it makes it enjoyable.

Blissy Adds Flair.

There’s no doubt about it. The Blissy Pillowcase isn’t only super soft and comfortable, it’s also luxurious looking as well! Adding Blissy to your bed gives it an extra flair. Your bed might start looking like it’s made for a supermodel or celebrity A-lister. And after sleeping with Blissy… You might just feel like one too.

It’s easy to see why the Blissy Pillowcase has become one of the must-have products of 2020. Take advantage of the limited-time Holiday Sale Now! Get up to 55% off on your Blissy Pillowcase!

Sound too good to be true?

Take a look at what some people have been saying about their Blissy pillowcases…

“I couldn’t be happier. Not only does my hair finally “behave” while I sleep: I get much better, deeper sleep. Also dust mites are a thing of the past! I would love ❤️ to purchase a travel size pillow case. Above all, I want 2 buy More for Christmas 🎄 gifts 🎁 for girlfriends.” – Linda

“I really love my Blissy pillowcase! – it is a wonderful, quality product. Unbelievable luxury! It is a gift everyone should love.” – Patricia

“I loved my first Blissy so much that I gifted one for my best friend’s birthday . She is a discerning woman with luxe means and taste. She loves it! Thanks for such an extraordinary product which really works!” – Anise

“I am so thrilled with how I’m sleeping, my skin, no more bedhead hair, and always the right temperature for the aging beauty that I am. Ha! Ha! So easy to wash and care for too. I ordered for family/friends for Christmas and can’t wait to gift them all to be Sleeping Beauty!” – Dayl

“After receiving my first silk pillowcase I just had to order some more as gifts. It’s silky and cool, and for me, I’m sure the coolness has been helping me to fall & stay asleep. The silk hair scrunchies are pretty sweet too!!” – Alice

“Heavenly soft and comfortable nights sleep. Great Christmas gifts for family and friends” – Paula

“I love the silk pillowcases. Since I have started using the pillowcases my hair and skin have improved significantly. My husband has Rosacea and it has also never looked better than it ever has. I can’t believe the difference in our hair and skin. I love the pillowcases and have bought several for myself and for gifts.” – Cynthia

“It’s hard to find the right gift for my husband’s assistant, who also happens to be one of my favorite people. She rarely treats herself to special items, so when I learned of Blissy, I had to give it a try. She is so delighted with her improved quality of sleep…and now I know I have the perfect gift for the rest of my favorite people!” – Coren

“The Blissy Pillowcases have changed my sleeping which has changed my life. I have given them as gifts and everyone is in love with them!” – Majorie

*Update: Ever since the Blissy 100% Mulberry 22-Momme Silk Pillowcase was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 2 million pillowcases. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a 100% money back guarantee and are extending their one-time discount of 55% off.


As a special introductory online exclusive sale, the company is now offering 55% Off + Free Shipping to all new customers.

This deal can be removed at any time, so act now to take advantage of this special offer.

Plus, if you aren’t totally happy with your Blissy Pillowcase, return them for a full refund. No questions asked!

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