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This Miraculous “Skin Healing Spray” Is A Godsend For Fast Eczema Relief!

February 14, 2023

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I’ve struggled with eczema ever since I was a teenager… and it’s absolutely miserable.

I get outbreaks constantly, and it’s held me back in life. The itching keeps me awake at night and makes it hard to concentrate at work…

And no matter how hard I try to stop myself, I often scratch until it bleeds, leaving me with cracked skin that’s not only incredibly painful, it’s embarrassing. Then I get stressed and upset, which triggers more flare-ups… it’s a vicious cycle.

Over the years, my dermatologist has done everything to relieve the pain and discomfort from my eczema. We’ve worked on both reducing the itching and preventing skin damage.

I’ve tried everything from hydrocortisone and Neosporin to various prescriptions, allergy medication, Vaseline, moisturizer, and sea salt soaks… heck, I even started bathing less! But nothing really worked.

However, I Did Find True Relief Once — About 10 Years Ago…

I was in the hospital with pneumonia, and my eczema flared up by coincidence (or maybe from the stress).

When the nurse noticed me scratching, she sprayed something on my skin that soothed the itching and burning, which stopped my scratching — in a matter of minutes.

I was shocked and begged the nurse to know what it was. She explained that it was a simple spray with a single natural ingredient called Hypochlorous Acid (“HOCI”).1

At first, I thought, “Okay, seems like a nice way to find quick relief.”

But when I left, I noticed my cracked skin had even started healing up… and the “scaly” skin on my arm had disappeared. Over the next few days, I felt better in my own skin than I ever had before. It was amazing!

So of course I told my dermatologist… and he knew all about it. He called HOCI a “miracle ingredient” — but he also had bad news: at the time, it wasn’t available for home use.

I was disappointed… but still curious. I had to know more about this incredible substance that had such an amazing effect.

He explained that HOCI has been used for decades because it’s so safe and effective at healing a wide variety of skin problems, including symptoms of eczema.

While it doesn’t stop the outbreak itself, he said it can help with the skin irritations associated with my flare-ups and prevent me from making it worse. Plus, it helps your skin repair itself after the outbreak is over.

The way it works is pretty amazing, too. HOCI already exists in your body — it’s what your white blood cells naturally produce to heal your skin.

That’s why it helps with skin irritations with eczema — instead of forcing a new foreign chemical on your skin, which can cause as much harm as it helps, HOCI simply gives your skin the essential tools it needs to take care of itself.

I got so excited as my dermatologist explained all this… until the end, that is.

That’s when he told me that HOCI was unstable and wasn’t available for home use — it was only available in hospitals.

That made it virtually impossible for people with eczema to use HOCI… even though it’s so effective at helping with the frustrating skin irritations eczema causes!

I was absolutely heartbroken. I had finally found something that made me feel okay… and it was out of reach.

After a few days, I had another outbreak, and I was back to being miserable in my own skin again. But I never forgot about that experience.

Then, A Few Months Ago, My Dermatologist Called Me Out Of The Blue… With Some Incredible News

I still remember the day I got that call, because my life hasn’t been the same since.

My dermatologist called me and explained that a major breakthrough had been made… and HOCI was finally available for personal use.

It’s called Active Skin Repair, and as far as I can tell, it’s the same stuff that had me bouncing out of the hospital with glowing skin (okay, almost glowing) years ago.

All this time, I assumed I would never feel that great “itch-free, pain-free, LIVELY skin” feeling again. I thought I would be stuck living an irritated, half-full life forever.

But duh… of COURSE scientists were working their butts off developing a home version of HOCI!

Naturally, I begged my dermatologist for a prescription over the phone… but he told me I didn’t need one!

“Anyone can order it online. It’s accepted by the National Eczema Association, cleared by the FDA, and totally safe,” he explained. “Just spray it on your skin wherever you flare up. It’s also great to have in your first aid kit.”2

He sent me a link to their website, and a few days later I had a bottle of Active Skin Repair in my hand, eager to give it a try.

Active Skin Repair revolutionary medical-grade treatment works for Eczema, wound care and skin repair – including cuts, scrapes, sunburns, normal burns, chaffing, rashes, insect bites, and more!

My Experience With Active Skin Repair: It’s a Godsend For Eczema!

First off, Active Skin Repair delivers HOCI in a spray, just like I had at the hospital. The bottle is small enough to fit in your pocket, first aid kit, purse, or kitchen cabinet.

The first thing I noticed is that Active Skin Repair has just 1 active ingredient: HOCI. I have allergies on top of my eczema, so that made me feel comfortable about testing it out.

A few days later my eczema flared up, and I put Active Skin Repair to the test. I started feeling that familiar burning sensation in my hand, where I often get bad attacks, so I sprayed a few sprays in the affected area.

Just like before, Active Skin Repair calmed the burning sensation and kept the itching to a minimum. While it didn’t eliminate the outbreak, I hardly scratched the area — and I normally have a REALLY difficult time avoiding scratching.

Then, before I knew it, the attack was over. I couldn’t believe it!

In the weeks since, I’ve used it dozens of times. I didn’t carry it with me everywhere at first, so one day I had a horrible outbreak at work… and Active Skin Repair helped heal the bleeding overnight. It normally takes days to repair and often leaves a mark… this was unbelievable.

I now carry Active Skin Repair with me everywhere I go. And I’ve even used it to heal a nasty cut from a cooking mishap… normally I would have used an antibiotic, which often triggered my eczema, but Active Skin Repair healed it up without causing any further problems. I’m so glad I have it around!

Active Skin Repair Has Changed My Life. You HAVE to try it… ESPECIALLY If You Have Eczema!

Whether you’re an adult struggling with lifelong eczema, a teen just starting to develop symptoms, or anyone in between, take it from me: Active Skin Repair could completely change your life for the better.

I feel so much more comfortable in my skin knowing that I have a natural, effective way to keep it as healthy as possible despite my eczema. While I’m still holding out hope for an outright cure for eczema, Active Skin Repair at least makes things manageable… and I’m so grateful for it.

If you or a loved one struggles with eczema or any other skin problem, I urge you to give Active Skin Repair a try.

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Good news! To celebrate their acceptance by the National Eczema Association, Active Skin Repair is currently running a limited-time sale:

When you order directly from the manufacturer, you’ll get up to 2 FREE bottles of Active Skin Repair depending on how many you order.

This is a great opportunity to stock up and ensure you always have a bottle around. Remember, it’s great for all sorts of skin problems and minor injuries, so it’s useful for far more than just eczema!

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Works so beautifully!! FINALLY I’ve found this!

Works beautifully! I have marks on my cheeks, chin , and forehead where I scratch or pick at blemished. Having small ‘wounds’ all over my face makes me so sad. I’ve tried all first aid products, acne products, even supplements for healthy skin, homeopathic aids, organic oils & treatments. I use high-end skin tone eveners for the scars left behind... with ACTIVE SKIN REPAIR it never even gets that far. IT WORKS! From a teeny dot (like a small blemish) to larger areas l, I apply ACTIVE SKIN REPAIR at night & it is dramatically healing or healed by morning. It’s not for acne, but works amazingly on the skin damaged by any type wound. Over the years I’ve probably spent thousands of dollars trying anything that might help. There are good products out there, for sure. I found the one that HEALS MY SKIN. I no longer feel like the pretty girl with bad skin. I just FEEL and look great.

Great product

As a retired physician, when I decided to try this product, I thought it might work, but my expectation was for a disappointingly average product. I’ve used it twice, and so far, my expectation to be disappointed has been disappointed: it really seems to work quite well. It is an excellent—maybe even amazing—product. Erythema and induration disappear quickly (once within hours) and healing seems significantly faster than normal. I will definitely buy and use this product again.

Great for nose piercing and other small wounds

I purchased this product mostly to try to heal my nose piercing. I got my nose pierced in April and Ive been juggling back and forth with the healing process. Ive been using Tea Tree oil and sea salt soaks to help keep it clean but up until 2 weeks ago that it started to burn the skin just around the piercing. This product immediately started healing the irritated and burned skin. I used it for a week and my nose doesn’t look red anymore. I’ve also used it for mosquito bites I’ve scratched too much and it heals the wound. The only sort of negative thing I would have to say about this product is if you use too much, when it dries you’ll have a light clear crust but comes off easily. I’ve been really enjoying this product and a little goes a long way!

If you have stubborn wounds that won’t heal

I have been dealing with dehydrated and infected skin (specifically the space between my eyes, the side my face sleep ons, neck, insides of my elbows, and knees) for almost a year now. I have tried everything, hydrocortisone, Neosporin, allergy medication, Vaseline, moisturizer, sea salt soaks, even bathing less.. I have chronic eczema. I bought the spray for ease of convenience and to lower the risk of contamination from using my hands to apply the ointment. This stuff is a DIME IN A DOZEN... after only using it for 2 days, the patch between my eyes is no longer bright red, dry or flakey, and healing tremendously where all other products failed. I feel my skin barrier improving and getting stronger! The other dry patches on my face are healing, as well as the other open, weeping flare ups on my body. I LOVE THIS STUFF. I just ordered another bottle!